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Rashmi Walwani, based out from the city of lakes Udaipur, has recently completed her Masters in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni, London. Rashmi during her academic tenure of 4 years in London has been part of many jobs and internships in various industries, from fashion to hospitality.

She is a hard-working individual and a social person who loves to meet people from different cultures and learn something new from each one of them and in return share the possessed knowledge. Being a part of many different industries has helped her gain dynamic work skills and got her friends all over the globe.

Due to her international exposure, she quite understands the general mind frame of people and how the professional industry works.

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Master's MBA Degree Program in India  
Unique Specializations ]

1 Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Systems 
[with 6 SAP Certificates*]

2 Business Analytics [with 6 SAP Certificates*]

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