Career Guidance Counselling for Parents

Career Guidance Counselling for Parents

Guidance and counselling services and programs promote the personal/social, educational, and career development for students as well as knowledge to parents. Career Selection is becoming more and more complex in the modern world. With globalization and new technologies sprouting newer choices every day, there is more confusion than excitement. It is important that each student chooses a career for which he has not only interested, but also aptitude. Aptitude is the potential requirement to develop the skills required for that particular career. Nothing comes out of being obstinate and adamant, on either side. Parents may find that forcing a child into a particular career against his choice will lead to such a level of de-motivation.

There are multiple choices in each field today. Also, one can combine two different streams and make a career out of it for example engineering and then move into design or graphics, commerce degree followed by mass communication, the list is endless.

The importance of parental influence as a factor in career development is becoming increasingly apparent. Parents need to help their children identify their interests, explore careers and develop plans for future.  Very few parents realize and accept this responsibility. Parents often do not get involved in counselling or guiding their children during early years; they mostly pitch in during the last stages or leave the decision with the students itself. Though Students achieve through their decisions, victory becomes easier through their parents support and guidance. In a survey it is mentioned that students who have guidance from their parents achieve their goal faster than students who try to achieve the goals themselves. A proper guidance is required for students to work positively on their goals. There are few questions which need to be put forth for a parent.

·         Are you aware of the new careers that are sprouting up offering good prospects?
·         Do you take the trouble to periodically update yourself?
·         Are you aware that some of the traditional careers that were very poorly paid in the past, but now become lucrative and very rewarding financially?
·         Have you taken the trouble to speak to people in different careers and find out how each field is doing and the changes that are taking place?
·         Do you know the strengths and weakness of your child?

Parents need to encourage their children to make independent decisions, give small economic responsibilities within their home or environment to bring out the hidden abilities of their children. Parents should assess their children and which are the careers he can look after 10 years from now to ensure he/she has chosen the right profession compatible in which their children’s foundation had been building upon. Parents should encourage their children’s curiosity as it will enhance his/her career development. Parents need to be act as educators with regard to their occupation. It is vitally important to involve the family in the career decision making process of the children  . Extra push from the by the parent, the show of faith lead children to urgent decisions and there by risking making mistakes.

Unfortunately, well-meaning parents, although motivated to facilitate their child’s career development, often lack the tools, direction, and information necessary to maximize the positive effects that they can have on their child’s career development. Therefore, the career counsellor plays an important role in developing an awareness of their influence on their children’s career development. However parents too can provide a useful perspective regarding their children for both the counsellor and the child to consider in career exploration and planning. Children tend to make initial career decisions during early childhood due to influences of their environment, community, socio economic status , family situation, and the significant adults in their lives. IT is the role of the parent to identify such cases and guide the children to achieve their goal through proper career development strategy.

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