How to Select a Career


Students reach the first crossroads in their lives when they complete their 10th standard. Here comes the first dilemma, to choose the correct stream for higher studies. The questions that ring "which and where is the right path to complete 12th?"  Not only does a student have to select the stream of studies, but also the subjects. 
Students who are born at the end of the twentieth century have been witnessing the challenges and thrill of change (at a fast pace) and newness and this together defines their generation. When they look around they see so much happening – tremendous advances in the retail and marketing sector, legal experts prospering, designers getting paid heavily, and young MBA’s managers rising fast up the corporate ladder.

In such a scenario, where every fascinating and thrilling, adventurous or encouraging prospect raises a doubt in the mind of children that where actually their future lies?

 "There is a problem of PLENTY.”  Everything around them is in abundance many career choices, many more advisors and much at stake. Students know that if they make a wrong move, they can be pushed off the fast track and will wallow in the shallow waters of mediocrity and stagnation.

What is a Career
It is not just a job or your living. It is a way of life wherein a person’s achievements and happiness depend on it. Today, innumerable new avenues have opened up. This is the right time to guide them to not to get into a course or a job just because everyone else is rushing for it. Instead focus on your inherent strengths and aptitude. There is a respectable place for every profession in the market with good pay packet too. Students shall understand it’s not always important to take the beaten road but it’s also important to try something innovative and new. Something that not only helps you get a pay package but helps you achieve the feeling of self satisfaction.

How to Select a Career

Sometimes children are pushed into/ or they opt for careers which are not suitable for them. To really be able to succeed and enjoy work, it is necessary that the individual should have interest in what he/she is doing, and also have an aptitude for it. 
What is Aptitude

Aptitude is the potential to develop the skills that are required in any particular field. Each career has different aptitude requirements, and only by matching them scientifically (through standardized C.A tests) can we be sure that we are heading in the right direction.

What is Career Aptitude Test

It is a type of an assessment tool which is meant to evaluate or measure various abilities or areas of strengths (skills, abilities and talents) and areas of weaknesses and/or improvement of an individual.
These tests include a set of questions about a person's interests, preference, hobbies, style of working and style of learning and gauge of one's social ,interpersonal skills, etc.
Battery tests may be categorized into different areas of skills and abilities.
All these tests and personal one to one counseling session helps an individual to see his future path/ career clearly. So what are you waiting for? Quickly contact us and get clear focus in your life.


Nupur Sandhu
Nupur Sandhu 

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