Art Classes for Young Artist by Wajid Khan Artist

3 Days Art classes by Artist Wajid Khan of Indore
The Amazing Art by Amazing World Famous Muslim Artist of Indore MP India Asia will be held in Indore, This great Nail Art Painter Wajid, An Artist and the Inventor with the Specialization in canvas craving that gives  rise to beautiful Art piece is none other than Mh Wajid Khan will teach unique Art. An Amazing Art by Amazing  Artist for an outstanding contribution towards the discovery of Nail Art will be part of this workshop.

Amazing Arts class by World Famous Muslim Artist Wajid Khan is also known as the inventor of 140  Plus Items  related to Amazing Art by Amazing Artist Creative Art. For his contribution towards Books of Many Amazing Art  Record, World Famous Muslim Artist Wajid Khan had his name in Golden Book of World Record, Asia Book of  Records, Limca book of records, Guiness book of records and even Indian Book of Records.





  1. I am not fond of art, but my sister just love art work and wants to learn it as well. She will be glad when i will tell her about this post.

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative post. Thanks for sharing