Career In Embryology

Career In Embryology

With the Invention of the test tube baby concept, there has been a tremendous Growth in the field of assisted  Reproductive Technologies. There are various methods to practice now-a-days if you find the Science of 
Reproduction Enticing. Among a wide range of courses, Embryology is one such course that is destined to make 
you expert in the ARTs field. It is related to the study of Embryogenesis, the process of formation and 
development of Embryo. This process first starts from a single cell, then to a ball of cell, and ends finally to a set 
of Tubes.

It is a whole new World in itself and Ideal for those who want to explore the beginning of life. As an embryologist, 
you will be responsible for retrieving the Eggs, carrying out the procedures related to In-Vitro Fertilization in the 
Laboratory, and maintaining clinical records from Time to Time. You need to be Enthusiastic and exciting to 
learn these processes for an Exponential Growth in this field. The important factor in Embryology comprises of 
targeting Clinical research and reproductive Health Issues.

As Infertility is becoming a common problem for a lot of couples Worldwide, practicing this Technique is rewarding and lucrative for anyone with a Medical background. The main techniques practiced by Embryologists are ICSI, GIFT(Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer), and ZIFT( Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer). These Techniques are boon for infertile couples and by studying them you can play a Vital role in their Life. The demand of Embryologists is increasing from time to time and the future seems bright for the ones interested in it.

If you are willing to study this Medical science, International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training is best place to learn. From best-in-class training to state-of-the-art Infrastructure, you get everything that is required to become a Professional in this field. Not only ideal learning experience, instead you’ll be leaving with an outstanding career opportunity after completing the embryology Training.

An embryologist is a specialised person who works with Embryos/Eggs/Sperm for the welfare and betterment of 
Human Being. 

The job of Clinical embryology is highly rewarding, lucrative and satisfying. 

 Aspirant of joining the field of Embryology must focussed and dedicated towards their Profession and also ready 
to Work hard.

Minimum required educational qualification for pursuing the course in embryology is bachelor degree in 
Reproduction / Zoology / Microbiology / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Bioscience / Physiology with minimum 
60% marks in aggregate.

 An embryologist has to perform following major works:

* Have to assist the Physician in clinical research.
* Have to retrieve the Eggs.
* Have to assists with in vitro Fertilization (IVF).
* Have to maintain clinical records properly.
* Have to perform and running tests on Eggs.
* Have to work in fertility clinics and hospitals.

 Names of few colleges  /  institutes /  universities offering courses in Embryology are:

* Maharaja Singh College, Saharanpur, U.P.
* Munshi Singh College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
* M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Telangana, University
* Maharaja Srichandra College, Kolkata
* Shadan Institute of Post Graduate Studies (M.Sc.), Hyderabad
* Department of Mathematics (M.Sc.), Palamuru University, Andhra Pradesh
* Department of M.Sc. Biotechnology, Telangana University, Andhra Pradesh
* Department of M.Sc. Software Engineering, Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
* Institute of Clinical Research India, NCR Delhi 
* Apheta Institute of Clinical Research, NCR Delhi
* Clino Vision Institute for Clinical Research, Nagpur, Maharashtra
* Institute of Clinical Research India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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