BFM - Bachelor in Financial Market

BFM - Bachelor in Financial Market

About B.F.M. (Bachelor of Financial Markets)

Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM) is a three-year undergraduate programme in management. The course offers theoretical and practical knowledge of planning, organizing, monitoring, directing and controlling the capital resources of an organization / company in an efficient way.

It also takes into focus a deep analysis and study of financial markets, basics of trading and its regulation, market forces, demand and supply which are an essential part of finance in any organization. As financial assets, debt and equity shares are of utmost importance in any organization.

Candidates who pursue the course are provided training with the help of presentations, interactions with industry personnel, industrial projects, practical sessions etc. They are equipped to understand the risks, money, economics as well as legal parameters of a financial market in depth.

Few colleges and institutes even offer this course as a part-time or distance learning which may vary from institute to institute. It is the choice of an individual as to which mode he wishes to complete the course in.

 BFM Degree course is a three year graduation program in Financial Market. The course aims to provide students with a firm grounding in studies related to Financial Market.   The curriculum focuses on accounting for business, introduction for financial market, computer applications in financial markets etc… Some of the topics covered are Debt/Equity/Capital/Commodities/Security markets, Investments, Mutual fund, Micro economics, Financial accounts, Taxation, Statistics, Risk management, Communication Skills etc…   Students are trained in all the basic functions of stock and share market trading etc. Since the course is general in nature, you need to do a specialisation in stock trading/as financial analyst to get a good start to your career, if you are interested in stock markets and trading and wish to make a career in this field. Due to the rapid growth of the financial sector in India, there are plenty of opportunities in this area.   After BFM you have plenty of options which you may consider depending on your inclination and career obejective like: Chartered Accountancy, Financial Analyst, Cost Accountancy, management etc…   

If you are interested in stock markets, you may explore courses on stock markets run by the BSE Training Institute (Bombay Stock Exchange, NCFM by NSE (, courses run by institutions like BIFM (BLB Institute of Financial Markets or higher education in the form of programmes on Capital Markets/ securities Markets etc…  

BFM is specialized course while B.Com is general related to accounting and finance area. After B.Com, there is wider choice of subjects for higher studies like, there are plenty of options which you may explore like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Cost Accountancy (from ICWA), Company Secretary ship (CS), Stock Broking, banking jobs or MBA. 

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Syllabus of BFM - Bachelor in Financial Market, 

First Year:

Micro - Economics 1

Principles of Investment

Management Accounting

Macro - Economics 2

Principles of Business Management

Business Environment

Financial Accounting

Statistical Applications

Environment of Financial System

Second Year:

Debt Markets

Business Ethics

Corporate Finance 1

Equity Market 1

Business Laws

Corporate Finance 2

Equity Market 2

Taxation for Investments

Organizational Behavior

Third Year:

Foreign Exchange Market

Corporate Governance

Computer Applications in Financial Services

Mutual-fund Market

Global Capital Markets

Derivative Markets

Portfolio Management

Project 1

Project 2

Career Options and Job Prospects
After pursuing Bachelor’s degree in financial markets, a wide variety of career options open up for the students. Those interested in higher studies can further go for a master’s degree in the same field, or interested candidates can look for lucrative employment opportunities in both private and government sector. A fresher at the start of their career can either work as a trainee or an accountant. The various job roles offered to a graduate after completing BFM course are as follows:

Finance Manager
Insurance Manager
Finance Officer
Research Analyst
Financial Asst. Manager
Financial Consultant
Wealth Management
Project Coordinator

The average starting annual salary for a BFM graduate can range between Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 8 Lakh. It may vary from organization to organization and role to role. Further, if you do a master's level degree in the field, the salary can also go up to Rs. 9 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh per annum. Finance-related job roles are highly paid as individuals are the direct in-charge of financial assets, anticipating potential financial danger and others.

Eligiblity Criteria

Minimum Qualification Required: 10+2 or any equivalent examination. Graduates in any field also pursue BFM course.

Minimum Marks Required: 50%  to 60%  varies from college to college.

Age Limit: Few colleges have a certain age limit for the admission to the respective course. It may vary from college to college. 

 BFM Admission Process:

Admission to the BFM programme is on the basis of entrance exam conducted by the respective university.

Few Government / State Colleges conduct their respective entrance tests.

Certified Financial Analyst,

Certified Financial Planner

Details about these careers

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 BFM - Bachelor in Financial Market,

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