Career Options for Indian BDS in USA

Career Options for Indian BDS in USA

To practise dentistry in USA it is mandatory to get DDS / DMD (both are same) for which passing in NBDE Part-1 exam & obtaining a satisfactory score in IELTS / TOEFL. 

These are the prerequisites for applying to DDS or DMD courses  If you have a qualified BDS from India or any foreign country trained & qualified dentist then, alternatively you can apply for MDS certificate courses which is also 2–3 years course, with some stipend (to be verified at each college) and practise dentistry after the course completion
After MDS, by doing NBDE Part-2, the person can also join DDS at 3rd year and complete it.

DDS  / DMD are costly courses (say US $ 70,000 per year). MDS is comparatively much cheaper say US $ 25,000 per year.

The entire process is a costly affair. The payment is in dollars and there is no refund in case of withdrawing or failing in the exams. Hence, you cannot take the exams casually. You need to be very particular about it and prepare for the exam to succeed in it. NO TRIAL ATTEMPT ATTITUDE!
The first step, before you start the qualifying process is to fulfill all the Visa-related obligations. Never trust any unverified party for the visa regulations. Always contact and get the latest information for the Visa-related rules from the official Canadian embassy in your country.
To become a licensed dentist in USA, graduates of accredited/non-accredited dental programs must successfully complete the National Dental Examining Board of USA’s (NDEB) Certification Process.

The NDEB Certification Process comprises two examinations. These examinations are based on the competencies required to be a beginning dental practitioner in USA.

The exams will mostly take place in USA and Australia. There are Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge, Assessment of Clinical Skills, Assessment of Clinical Judgement, Pathway to certification, Written Examination Though straightforward, however still a majority of the aspirants seem to be confused regarding the process.

Hence to make the process easy to understand for all, we have written a detailed article explaining all the steps and associated official links. 

Do your own research. It is all up there on the university sites. You can pursue masters in almost all specialities except for OS, RIGHT AFTER BDS WITHOUT DDS!

You need a good GPA (evaluated by ECE), strong CV and a Great Statement of purpose and Letter of Recommendations. 

You have to really show them how sincerely enthusiastic you are about the speciality you are applying in.

DDS or NDEB is not the only options. You can apply for PG Diplomas or Masters in Healthcare Administration. 

You can also Opt for Clinical Research, Forensic Dentistry is also an unexplored field.  Or you could do an MBA and get into the Corporate World.  
Many Asian Dentists are working as Blogger in USA and Canada and making Big Money Working from Home. Many Dental Medical Companies are Hiring them.  Joining a Hotel is also a very good Option for Dentists. 

Before you go for any Course in USA your legal Status matters a lot. 

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