What are different Specializations in Law

Law is an Interesting career option to choose from if you are ready to study hard for the  initial few years and are able to remember things, over a long duration of time.

Now-a-days students who opt to pursue Law have the option to select from courses such as  – LLB [ 3 years ], BA LLB [ 5 years ] and BBA + LLB [ 5 years ] at the underGraduate level. 

Also, students can choose to pursue a career in Newer Branches of Law such as Space Law, Cyber Law, Medical Law, Academic Law, Social Rights Law, Environmental Law, International Laws and Intellectual Property Law [ IP law] , apart from the traditional ones – Criminal, Civil, Corporate, Labour, Taxation and Election Law.

Keeping in mind the demands of the ever-changing world, Law Schools in the country are also trying to become better equipped to handle issues faced by people in today’s day and time. So, in order to keep Law students in tune with what is happening in the world, Law Schools are trying to introduce more specialised subjects and proGrammes.

Some of these new programmes which have been recently introduced at Law Schools are:

Aviation Law at NALSAR
Public policy at NLSIU
Entrepreneurship administration at NUJS
Labour welfare Laws at Symbiosis Society's Law College
Apart from these new proGrammes, Law Schools these days are also paying a lot of attention on training their students well by regularly conducting moot court sessions, 
competitive legal events, mandatory Internships and journal writing.


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