Top MBA abroad places for Indian Students

 Top MBA abroad places for Indian students


England (UK)




The United States of America

The US is one of the most popular business school destination with the most number of prestigious B-schools in the world.

Pursuing an MBA from the top-notch universities of USA is an advantage in itself, but along with it students also get strong infrastructural support, great internships and exposure to latest content and technology besides practical training through projects. Exposure to the business environment during internships in top companies grooms students into future entrepreneurs and business executives.

The main factor that differentiates US B-schools from rest of the world is the fact that American MBA is all about expanding your network and knowing the right people. Ultimately it will be this network of people which will help budding entrepreneurs.

To get into US B-schools, the quality of work experience is given a bit more preference over academic records. It is mandatory for the applicants to clear GMAT and English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

Harvard business school



University of penn

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been the favorite study abroad destination among Indian students. London is one of the leading finance and banking centers, and other cities of UK offer excellent opportunities in the services industry. This reflects in UK business schools' international reputation not only through a rigorous academic approach but also through high salaries and excellent job opportunities after graduating. In fact, in 2007 UK’s business schools taught more MBAs per year than the rest of Europe put together, according to a British Council research document.

The fact that the UK has a strong Indian population base is what makes this country an attractive destination for Indian students, as students traveling from India find it a lot more comforting to be around people with similar background


Canada is home to many of the world’s largest and influential companies and is a hot favorite among Indian students when it comes to doing an MBA.

Canada is a popular destination for MBA as it promises much more than just good education. Its economy is thriving in industries like oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and forestry. The impact a good economy has on student life can be felt once you finish your degree, and are at the stage of looking for jobs. Easy availability of good jobs and immigration possibilities is what makes Canada such an attractive place to study


Australia is another popular study destination with Indian students, as this country offers affordable education opportunities with no compromise on quality. Factors like weather being similar to India, relaxed student life and culture, and a strong Indian community add up to the study experience.

MBA colleges in Australia offer specialized research training and it is mandatory for applicants to clear exams like GMAT, IELTS/TOEFL. The cutoff scores would be 550+ for GMAT, for IELTS 6 overall, and TOEFL would be above 90.

Australian colleges have two intake seasons in a year. One intake is in September and the other in January. Indian students prefer September intake for Australia.


Singapore is a well-established destination for foreign education in the Asia-Pacific Region. It is one of the most economically viable options if you wish to pursue your education abroad. The total expenditure on fees costs in most educational institutes at Singapore ranges between Rs. 15 lakh and Rs 20 lakh. 
Students have permission to work for 16 hours a week while pursuing studies to support themselves economically.

Singapore is known to be one of the safest cities for students with the government of Singapore’s non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging on campus.


Over the last few years, Spain has emerged as an alternative education destination in Europe. Three of the top-rated European MBA programs are located in Madrid and Barcelona. The nation has only 46 million people yet management education has continued to boom over the last three decades. Spain has a completely different culture than other countries in Europe, which will be an interesting experience for the student.

The one thing Indian students should keep in mind is the fact that although education in Spain is bi-lingual, out-of-classroom conversations with students and professors will be in Spanish. So it is advisable to brush up your Spanish conversational skills.

Singapore is another good choice. It's one of the best business oriented city in the world.

Any European Union nation. Here make sure that course content is in English or language you know very well. EU brings good opportunity like if you start own business after MBA, its easy to travel across multiple nations in EU.

London which already is a hot destination. But think about consequences after brexit.

Canada which has good relations with US and has border sharing with US. The chance to become a PR is easy as well.

Australia which is a highly developed nation with abundant opportunities with PR options.

New Zealand is also good, but with caution. The most of the young New Zealanders graduates are shifting to Australia for good opportunities and majority of them settle there. The quality of education is high. The easy PR option makes this nation a hot destination.

TOEFL/IELTS are required for those coming from non-native English speaking countries. 

Good GMAT score + good grades in your under graduation required for admissions on top B-schools. Try to get into universities with good rankings & credibility.

But do check Visa regulations, permitted stay back years in student visa, possibility of a PR, the medium of study etc.

France is the best country to pursue MBA course

Main reasons are listed out here to study in France

1. France is the 3rd most popular destination for higher education

2. Triple accredited Institutions (public and private)

3. Paid internship opportunities are available for international students

4. Post study work visa are granted for the period of 2 years

5. Excellent job opportunities

6. 90% of the graduates got their jobs during their final year of education

7. No English proficiency certificate are required (i.e.,IELTS/GRE/GMAT)

8. Accommodation are arranged by university (on campus accommodation)

9. Scholarships are awarded for excellent student records

10. Best teaching methods compare to other destination (industrial based teaching)

11. Easy admission process - We can get quick revert from university

12. Friendly atmosphere in France

13. French language is not mandatory to get in to French institution

14. Courses are entirely taught in English

15. Low tuition fee (mostly in public universities)

16. Two intakes per year (some of the institutes running only one intake)

17. Affordable living expenses

18. Excellent career opportunities

19. Free French language classes are taken in university

20. France is located in the heart of Europe (interconnected city)

Best School for pursue MBA in France

HEC Paris
Audencia Business School
Rennes School of Business
SKEMA Business School
EMLYON Business School

There are many Institute / university that doesn’t require GRE and offer scholarship on the basis of your IELTS / TOEFL + Academics ( Upto 100%) depending on your overall profile, SOPs.

In terms of countries Apart from India USA, Australia, Canada , UK , Dubai are the good options for MBA but it totally depends on your Short term and Long term goals, Academics Budget & Experience (USA /Canada/UK , prefer 2–3 years minimum work experience for MBA)

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