Opportunities After B.Tech from Electronics Engineering

Career Options for BE Electronics
Opportunities After B.Tech from Electronics Engineering

Opportunity Type # 1 (Easiest and the most popular) : Join a software services company like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam, etc. This option has been the most obvious choice of most Electronics guys, or for that matter most of the engineers irrespective of their branch.

Opportunity Type # 2 : Join a software development firm which works on system level. This is a slightly challenging job and you would be expected to know at least somewhat in coding and algorithms. Like, you are expected to write and understand codes written in languages like C/C++/Java etc. However, this is still not useful for an Electronics & Communications engineer. These roles are more suited for a serious Computer Science Engineering student.
Option Type # 3 : Join a core electronics or telecom related company which actually does the core job or assists in achieving the tasks of the core jobs. Such companies are a bit low in their density, like Freescale Semiconductots, Broadcom, etc. But these are the companies which are doing the stuff you are expected to do  as an electronics engineer. Such companies are not only rare, their attrition rates are so low that u won't see any openings for their core positions.

Opportunity Type # 4 : Appear for government companies which still do core electronics work. Some examples are DRDO, ISRO, BEL, etc. Its certainly not for all people, also it pays less than the privates companies. But whoever gets to join these companies can be assured that he will do some super-exciting stuff in near future. Of course no one gets to learn or newer concepts everyday, but you can be sure that your electronics education has not gone waste.
Opportunity Type # 5 : A B.Tech or B.E. in Electronics is just not enough. Graduate level education is Electronics is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. Its just an indication that if you desire to understand the field better, you have the basic tools with you. And every serious student must try and gain a deeper understanding and aim for a very focused specialization. I suggest that all serious electronics graduates should go ahead and take admission in M.Tech. appear in GATE and try getting a good college. And if possible, aim for a super-specialization by going for a PhD.

Opportunity Type # 6 : In India, R&D is always on the lower side. And hence we almost never see anything great happening in the field of electronics (or for that matter, Technology). And hence most of the electronics graduates waste their time doing something else. If u seriously want to do something worth, please look beyond India. And as soon as u finish your B.Tech, get into MS + PhD courses...and chances are very high that you will end up doing something meaningful in electronics.

Jobs : 

Software based companies : These are the companies which recruit students at a package of 3–4 lpa and if you get a project there then it is fine but if you don’t get a project since you are a fresher then with so much enthusium the only thing would be left is to play some sports and return back so , in my opinion a fresher has so much energy which he/she could utilise in a better way

Product based companies : This is really dream for many if you are from elit institute you can get into these directly but if you are from ECE you can persue CDAC which is like a diploma of 6 months and you can get into core branches from there 

Non -technical : Everyone knows about MBA but i would recommned you to search market for this as being an engineer many things are open to you like data analyst job and many more which you might have not heard also

GATE: This is the best option if you are from middle class family and if you are having a great passion about your branch nothing could beat this

As and EC Engineer I would suggest you to go for two courses

Embedded systems:
Embedded systems are in trend now a days, It is evergreen field of EC Engineering. In future everything will be Automatized which is not possible without IoT. In Embedded you will learn C programming, Linux OS, Micro controllers and ARM. Because Of C language you can get job as a software engineer also. There are many very good institutes are there to learn Embedded systems like CDAC, google it for more information.  You may get starting package of 5LPA or more. 

VLSI is the field where EC Engineers will get high pay salaries, This field is growing fast now a days. Giant companies like Intel, Qualcomm, AMD are competing to be a tycoon in the world. And because of that they are ready to pay huge package to VLSI engineers. For VLSI also som you can google it.  You may get starting package of minimum 6 LPA or more. 

QT Open Source -

An open source based on object based programming, QT allows you to create widgets and applications for symbian devices and desktop. This is a great program used in most of the industries and have many classes which you can only learn by frequent practicing.  Although many companies, when hire you as an intern, teach you the basics for the specific language they use, but knowing it before hand can be of great help to you. it helps you be ahead of other interns in the company and you can easily secure a project at an early stage.

Blog Development-

This can be of great help to you to design Blogs or Websites and is always fun to play around. Not only does it add weight to your resume, but you can always design Blogs  if you come up with some good money making ideas.  You may get starting package of minimum 10 LPA or more as a Good Blogger.

Designing PCBs -

There are plenty of PCB designing software that lets you design your own circuits. You can learn these in depth and print your own PCBs. Another area that adds weight to your resume. Having a combination of this and the previous one is a great approach towards hardware. You may get starting package of 4LPA or more. 

AutoCAD -

You might wonder why AutoCAD. AutoCAD comes in handy when y0u are finalizing a project that you have undertaken. It is basically used to develop consumer-end products. This is primarily used in Laser-cutting, 3-D Printing and other such techniques which can save your pain of going to someone else to design the housing for your circuits and elements.  You may get starting package of 3LPA or more. 

Project Management Course:

This course is very imperative in every sector because project managers are highly demanding these days. This course will help you to learn how to lead a project by using your education, skills, and experience. Being an industry certified course, it helps you to know what are the functions and responsibilities of a project manager and what strategies and tactics he needs to apply to successfully complete a project. This kind of course will definitely enhance the value and weight of your resume and companies are preferred to hire certified professionals rather than an uncertified or na├»ve person. You may get starting package of 8 LPA or more.  An MBA ERP is the best for an Electronics Engineer.

There are plenty of other different industry related courses that you can opt for depending on the kind of field you wish to be in. Try to research the popular software or languages used by industries and choose according to your interests. Programming is always required so sharpening it to the next level would be beneficial for you.

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