Career In Hotel Management

Career In   Hotel Management

 Hotel Management  is one of the largest employing sector recruiting millions of people.Since this is a new area of employment, not many qualified and experienced people are available and the promotion prospects are also very bright. Career opportunities exist both in the public and private sector. In the public sector, there are opportunities in the Directorates and Departments of Tourism of the center and the state as Officers, information assistants, Tourist guides etc. Another good prospect for qualified tourism professionals are in the private sector with Travel agencies, tour operators, airlines,  hotels , transport and cargo companies etc.

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cruise Lines, Resorts, Camping grounds, Inns, Rest Houses, Series, etc
Countries - their tourist friendliness, visa regime, security, accessibility, infrastructure.
Attractions - both natural and manmade, monuments, amusement parks, theme parks, museums, beaches, waterfalls, nature parks, mountains, coral islands, etc
Airlines, Railways, Motor Coaches, Taxis, Ferries, Cruises etc.

-Then comes your job options under this sector which include all that work that is exceptionally Interesting and many a times easy. I believe this is one of those sectors which is considered as “Providing high income”. So the following are the jobs which can be taken up under Travel and Tourism:-

Hotel Management
Holiday representative
Tour manager
Tourism Officer
Tourist information centre manager
Travel agency manager

-Other Jobs include:-

Cruise line worker
Destination wedding photographer
Flight attendant
Peace Corps volunteer
Travel agent
Travel writer ??
Athletic recruiter
Event coordinator
Field service engineer
Destination wedding photographer
The Most important part that you might already know what skills you need for this sector are:-

Good communication skills
Interpersonal skills
A reasonable knowledge of Indian and world geography
Service Orientation
Working long hours / odd hours

In the Tourism Department there are jobs as Reservation & counter staff, Sales and marketing staff, Tour Planners and Tour guides.Working in an airline, whether on the ground staff or in flight is an exciting option for many people these days. In the airlines, one can work as Traffic Assistance, Reservation and Counter Staff, Air hostess and flight pursers, Sales and Marketing staff and customer services.Besides airlines, Travel facilities include rail services, coach operators, car hire companies. etc. Whatever that takes Tourists from one place to another - by air, road, railway, sea etc. comes under Travel and tourism.
One can always set up his/her own Travel Agency or work as a tour operator and work independently.
Apart form this there are many other field also that you can opt as your career-

Travel Blogger
Cruise line worker
Travel agent
Travel writer
Visa Consultant
Event Coordinator
Field Service Engineer
Highest paying jobs in the Tourism industry:

Concierge: A concierge is the first person that most guests meet. Their tasks tend to include things like answering questions, taking reservations, and recommending activities – but if you end up on the more luxurious side of the sector, you might find yourself with a few more outlandish requests!

Event Manager: It is a challenging job in which you have to solve many problems that include technical difficulties and more. You could end up working in a conference center, concert hall, or festival spaces, so you can be sure that you’ll experience a lot of variety.

The current median salary for an event manager is $78,197. The top 25 percent of these professionals earn $89,672 or more for planning meetings and special events including the coordination of amenities and accommodations, budgeting, and contract negotiation.

Restaurant manager: It is one of the highest paying jobs in the Travel and tourism industry. For those who are keen to be in the food industry but don’t want to actually be in the kitchen, managing a restaurant could be a good compromise.

The current median salary for a restaurant manager is $84,969. The top 25 percent of these professionals earn $99,398 or more for overseeing the operations of multiple restaurants within a geographic region.

Head of Housekeeping: The current median salary for a head of housekeeping is $78,056. Professionals in the top 25 percent of the field earn $91,599 or more for directing the daily operations of a hotel, resort, or casino’s housekeeping services. Typical head of housekeeping jobs require a high school diploma and at least seven years of experience in the industry.

Travel Manager: The Travel manager has to manage the organization’s Travel needs including Travel requests, accommodation and budgeting. The average salary for a Travel manager is $82, 300.

In addition to the above list, the following are some high-paid jobs in the Travel industry.

Spa Manager
Tour Operator
Travel Agent
Tour Guide

A Travel and Tourism course offers vocational Training and helps you develop strong Business Management and communication skills, broadening your Job prospects

Job Options

Jobs directly related to your Degree include:

Flight Attendant
Holiday representative
Tour Manager
Tourism Officer
Tourist Information Centre Manager
Travel agency Manager
Jobs where your Degree would be useful include:
Customer service Manager
Event Organiser
Hotel Manager
Marketing executive
Outdoor activities / Education Manager

What Are Popular Career Options in Travel and Tourism?

Jobs as Travel agents, lodging Managers and Flight attendants are among the many options available to individuals interested in Travel and Tourism careers. Education requirements, career outlooks and salary Information for these positions are provided below. Schools offering Travel & Tourism Degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Popular Travel and Tourism Career Options

Government Tourism departments, Travel agencies, Airlines, Tour operations and hotels are just a few of the industries offering employment opportunities to individuals interested in Travel and Tourism careers. If you're considering a Job in this field, you might want to be aware that common attributes of Travel and Tourism professionals include a pleasant personality and a sense of adventurousness, not to mention excellent customer-service, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Additional requirements for some of the Job options available in this field are outlined below.

Travel Agent

A Job as a Travel agent could be ideal if you're interested in making lodging reservations, booking Flights and scheduling Tours for clients looking to embark on Business trips or personal vacations.

Adequate computer skills and a high school diploma are the minimum requirements for some Travel agent positions, though employers might prefer Job applicants who've completed some sort of formal Training. This is commonly available in the form of online and on-campus continuing education courses and certificate programs that cover Travel geography, customer service, Travel marketing and computer reservation systems. You might also opt to earn a Travel and Tourism Degree that includes additional Business coursework.

Lodging Manager :

Lodging Managers' Job duties can range from booking guest reservations and Training staff to ensuring the cleanliness of a hotel and Managing its revenues. A high school diploma and significant work experience could land you a Job in a smaller hotel, though employers in full-service establishments often require applicants to have an associate or bachelor's Degree in lodging or hospitality Management. These 2- and 4-year programs can provide you with an overview of housekeeping and food service operations and cover such topics as front Office procedures and property Management.

Little to no Job growth was projected for lodging mangers from 2012-2022, according to the BLS. The best employment prospects were expected to be reserved for bachelor's Degree program graduates applying to work at luxury hotels. These professionals earned an average of $54,800 per year as of May 2012.

Flight Attendant :

In addition to presenting passengers with safety Information, Flight attendants generally provide the customer service needed to ensure a pleasant Flight, whether by serving food and drink or reassuring anxious Travelers. Applicants for these positions are expected to face strong competition, which allows many employers to favor Job candidates with a Degree in fields like public relations, communications and hospitality. However, educational requirements are only part of the Job description. Many Flight attendants have up to two years of experience working in the service industry. You'll also need to be a certain height and pass a medical exam before being offered a Flight attendant position.

To continue researching, browse Degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid Information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any Degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the Jobs listed here. To find out what Jobs would suit you, log into My Prospects.

Work experience

It is relatively easy to find paid part-time work opportunities in the Travel and Tourism industry, since it is so large and there are so many types of visitor establishments and attractions all over the UK. The range of different working patterns available should make it easy to combine part-time work with your current study.

Voluntary work may also be a good option, especially if it means gaining experience in an area where Job opportunities more scarce.

You could also consider summer work experience or spending time working abroad. This could include working at holiday or theme parks, in a resort or at summer camps abroad. You could also purchase a student railcard and Travel through Europe, widening your cultural knowledge and language abilities.

You may be able to take part in an exchange programme, spending some time studying abroad towards your Degree. Consider looking at relevant short courses, such as TESOL or TEFL, which may present opportunities to work abroad teaching English language skills.

Search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships.

Typical employers

The Travel and Tourism sector comprises many different industries and sub-industries, including services such as retail Travel, currency exchange, Tour operators and Tourist boards. It also covers passenger transport including coach, aviation, rail and waterways and visitor attractions such as museums, theme parks, zoos and heritage sites.

A variety of accommodation services also fall within this category, including hotels, hostels and holiday parks. Associated with hotels and core Business operations are conferences and events, which provide considerable all-year-round employment opportunities.

Find Information on employers in leisure, sport and Tourism, charity and voluntary work, Business, consulting and Management and other Job sectors.

Skills for your CV

Travel and Tourism graduates gain knowledge about products, structures and operations within the Tourism industry, learning about Tour operators, Airlines, hotels and Tourist boards.

Through a combination of vocational and academic study you learn about the relationships between consumers and the providers of Tourism services and about the issues relating to sustainability and social responsibility within Tourism.

Relevant postgraduate study in this field includes courses with an emphasis on Management skills, particularly in areas such as hospitality, heritage and sustainability. Postgraduate courses in specialist areas such as ecoTourism or rural development may also be helpful.

General Business topics such as marketing or human resources could be relevant and can be applied across various disciplines.

For more Information on further study and to find a course that interests you, see Masters Degrees and search postgraduate courses.

What do Travel and Tourism graduates do?
Around three-quarters of Travel and Tourism graduates are in employment six months after finishing their course. A large number are working within the industry as holiday representatives, Travel agency workers, Tour guides and general Travel administrators.

Approximately a fifth of those employed work within the retail, catering and bar work industry.

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Tourism is a significant component of the New Zealand economy contributing to Job creation and
export revenues. It also has a major role in rejuvenating and sustaining regional economies.
According to Tourism New Zealand the two main reasons Tourists' Travel to New Zealand is to
experience our beautiful landscape and distinct Maori culture.

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