Personal Financial Advisor Course

Personal Financial Advisor Course

Eligibility Criteria :
A Bachelor's Degree is required for a Career as a Financial Advisor. Majors in finance, economics, business, Statistics or similar fields are acceptable. Financial advisors can be generalists, or they may specialize in one of several areas, including Mutual Funds, RD, FD, Retirement, Taxes, Estate Planning and Wealth Management. 80% Practical and 20% Theory.

Age: Females Between Age of 21 Years to 35 Years Only

Duration: 3 Months

o   Mutual Funds
o   RD
o   FD
o   Home Loan
o   Loan Against Property ( LAP )

o   OD/ CC Limits

o   Plot Purchase + Construction

o   Loan without MAP Property

o   Khasra wali Property

o   Basement Property

o   Loan against Industrial Property

o   Loan against Vacant Land

o   CIBIL Problem

o   Poor Banking

o   No Income Tax Return

o   Loan from  Banks
• Life insurance

• Mediclaim

• Car Loan on new and used Cars
o Educational Loan

Fees :  Rs. 35,000 Plus GST


Payments : 

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