The most hard-headed way for me to embark on this article, would be to toss a very straightforward question in your head to ponder over "why do most people visit websites"? Go on. Think think. Well if you've been in the web game for any length of time, then I probably know your response. If I'm right to guess then  yes you got it correct the answer is indeed 'content'. It is the content which builds the foundation for your portal's success and thus proving the ever-existing cliche "content is king" sound even more truer in this strange new world than it ever would !

The  website content you produce primarily communicates your message, educates your viewers, and prompts them to invest in your products and services over the one's your competition serves. In fact, publishing high-quality content is one of the most esteemed things content writers can do to grab attention hence it won't be invalid to say that content which hits your reader's mind and heart hard, goes a long way! Isn’t that just amazing.

Now that we have adressed how important fresh, engaging and regularly updated content really is let us proceed towards covering some notable things content writers should keep in mind while creating website content. 
First things first, before you should even get ahead with content writing, a bonafide market research  should be undertaken which would ultimately lay the foundation for your overall content because it is the target audience the content is being generated for and if they will be able to relate to the content more, they will want to tell everyone they know and when people share content that refers other people back to your website, that's free advertising! That's the ultimate dream !

Well once you are done sorting-out and knowing your readers, other prominent thing to focus on when would be to process persuasive website content. Because most importantly what every content writer’s heart immensely desires for is that their content should be worthy of persuading viewers to take action. 

The key to a successful website is having clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that conveys the right message with power and conviction. Over the years technology has revolutionized our world and in this age of rapidly-advancing technology, 'good and quality' content is what keeps us connected to our human element in this very digital world. Nobody today can deny the fact that more the information that is made available online, the more urge people feel  to know everything that is there to know! Content writers should make use of this vital piece of information as a tool to let the customers connect with their website on a deeper level because above all, one thing that you don't want your content to be is a "Total Waste". 

Beyond everything content is that indispensable part of your website which can compel your audiences to keep coming back for more and more everytime, hence this is how YOUR content becomes YOUR key to YOUR success :)

-By Anjali
(content creator)

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