Freshers And Tech Savvy Content Developers

Alfa Business Center for Development
Looking for
Only Freshers & Techno Savvy Content Developers


1. Have Positive Attitude.

2. Is a self starter and go better.
3. Strives for growth, success and excellence.
4. Is enthusiastic to learn new skills.
5. Loves her work and organization.
6. Age group 21 - 35 Years
7. Bachlor's Degree
8. Able to Think Out Of The Box 

The Alfa Business Center for Development is Zero-Funds Organization
that works to get surplus Knowledge  from   Successful Female
Entrepreneurs of India and Female Entrepreneurs  Communities
to the Most Fortunate Deserving Business Students.

Job Description 

*    Can think out of the Box,different and Innovative.
*    No prior Experience with Fiction and academic editing / writing
*    Only Understands various approaches to writing 
*    A firm grasp of English grammar and syntax rules 
*    Good vocabulary 
*    Creativity 
*    Excellent communication skills, oral and written 
*    A passion for the English language 
*    Understanding the process and dynamics of fiction-writing / editing   
       (Plot, Characterization, Pace) 
*    Familiarity with the classics in English literature 
*    The ability to identify the author's voice and differentiate that from plagiarized content 
*    Basic computer skills(MS Word, MS Excel, Internet browser)
*    Someone who is optimistic and has situational awareness 

*    You are equipped with amazing writing skills.
*    You are a good writer.
*    You are an avid reader. 
*    You are organized and efficient. 
*    You have intelligent decision-making skills. 
*    You can meet challenges head-on. 
*    You are adaptable. 
*    You can multitask. 
*    You are confident and focused. 
*    You have good communication skills. 
*    You can spot talent and assess skills according to requirements. 
*    You can work under pressure.  
*    You love working in a team. 
*    You get along well with people. Active on Fb, Twtr and Linkedin 

Topics : 

1)     Aviation Management Basics
2)     Apps and Blogs Management
3)     International Business
4)     International Entrepreneurship and Innovation
5)     Global Business Research and Analysis
6)     International Business Planning
7)     International Marketing
8)     International Sales and Negotiation
9)     International Finance and Banking
10)   Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development
11)   Business Networking [ Link Building ] 
12) Live Happy in Global Business Recession


Pay Out

Rs 120 Per Blog up to 5 Story
Rs 150 from 6 - 10
Rs 250 from 11 - 15 Blog
Rs 300 from 16 - 20 Blog
Rs 350 Afetr 21 Story onwards

After every 5 Blogs Bonus of Rs 200 

# We do not work on PPW basis. Kindly do not as ask us such question again and again. 

Payments :  

Only Mode is GooglePay 

You may Join  Google Pay, a payments app by Google. Enter our Code ( 59wc92 
and then make a payment. We'll each get ₹51!

Click here

Enter   Code    59wc92

Join our family!

Call / WhatsApp : +91 9977513452

 Think Out Of The Box 

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