Online Digital Marketing Training in Ujjain MP India

Online Digital Marketing Training

Whether you're a complete Beginner, Business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill,
this Digital marketing program is perfect for you to become a Digital marketer.

This comprehensive course, delivered 100% online, teaches the key Digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Learn Google Tricks, social media marketing and SEO, Analytics, mobile marketing and much more.

The course is delivered 100% online, with a full support team on hand to help at any time.

With our stunning interactive learning system, you’ll learn in handy bite-sized sections, while quizzes and practical
exercises bring your learning to life. Start your Digital journey with us today.

We have Self Blogging Training Courses for You

Education :  Graduation / Pursuing

Ideal For    :  BE / B Tech / AME / CPL / BCA / Pilots / AirHostess

Age       :   21Years to 35Years

#Course 001

Digital Marketing Standard Course

Course Modules

M 01 : Digital Marketing Fundamentals
M 02 : Social Media Marketing for    Business
M 03 : Google Analytics and    Webmaster
M 04 : Search Engine optimization (  SEO )

Training Period : 6 Months Aprox 140 Days

Fees            : Lumpsum Rs. 18,500

Certificate  : Certificate will provide after completing the course
Course 002

Digital Marketing Basic Courses

Course Modules

M 01 :  Digital Marketing Fundamentals
M 02 :  Social Media Marketing for Aviation  Business

Training Period : 3 Months

Fees            : Lumpsum Rs. 8,000

Certificate  : Certificate will provide after completion the course

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