Build Confidence & Destroy Fear

Build Confidence & Destroy Fear
Pradnya Yelgandharwar

Life gives you enormous chance to be able to become what you want. Because of confidence you’ll always feel that half the desire already concurs. Life becomes easy if you have courage to be confident at every moment. If you hold fear it’s like the abortive flower in the garland of life. Because of fear you’ll always face a situation where you’ll occupy your mind with a thought that everything you do takes you to the way of aggrandized failure. Fear lets you create a futile attitude towards everything. If we think of being confident, there is something so adhesive & that is nothing but success.
When you wear fear, it usually happens that you get blown away towards abandoning everything rather than facing it, whereas confidence gives you courage to face everything that will come to your way. Fear besieges you by not letting you go out of comfort zone.
Many a times we get herald around the situation of fear and think what should be done in this situation, so the first thing to keep in mind is that only put positive thing in the memory bank. Don’t ever let your mind grasp negative vibes. Negative things degrade your thought process by making you unstable in panic situations. It never let you climb to the point you eagerly want to. Always have a different approach to see what’s going on, and once you recognize that what’s going is feeding something that’ll digest your thoughts in wrong way, stop yourself from accepting the wrong things going on. Be choosy when it comes to listening others because whatever you listen your subconscious mind starts accepting that and then ultimately you start walking on that track. Here you have to be tough enough for not believing everything that looses your confidence.
We often start things and leave it in between just because it doesn’t seems to be completing or you lose interest, losing interest is nothing  but a belief that you won’t be able to complete it in a manner you wanted to and apparently you give up. This is the first step of losing confidence. You start doing anything, at that moment you have a particular design of a final work getting completed. Gradually when you start doing that the rate of interest is so high but then when you spend a lot of time doing that thing you start losing interest, Why? …. Because it’s a human mentality that you start thinking like not completing anything when you start feeling that you are not going to complete it or if you face a hurdle in between. In this kind of situation you should be patient and you have to just go with the flow in order to complete the given work. And that’s what we call consistency. Append yourself into a work in a manner that you will breath only after you complete the work. The tendency of protecting your ambition unless you achieve your goal gives you more confidence. And once you complete the task you will feel confident for taking some more work in your hand.
Your actions can also cure fear. Deal any problem that troubles you in a confident manner, it will help boost your confident to another level. Many a times it happens that you start doing work….. but in between you have to leave it but a fear of not completing work on time looses your confidence about your work, this is an example of indecision and that’s what we call postponement that only fertilizes your fear.
Always remember do what so ever will need to complete your task on time in a very good manner. Don’t make things complex in order to get it look pristine. If your efforts are confident then your result will also lead to look primordial.
Make an unsurpassed effort to put only positive thoughts in your mind realm. Raze the negative parts to the ground. Don’t sinecure your mind, keep it working by thinking creatively about the work given, this will make you more confident.
Have a proper perspective of other people. Follow your conscience and you won’t develop poisonous guilt complex.
To think confidently you must act confidently.

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