AirAviator's Management Club

AirAviator's  Management Club 
[Virtual WeekEnd Club for Ex AirAviator's ] 
Virtual WeekEnd Club for Ex AirAviator's 
Sat / Sun Only 
In Association with
Ex AirAviator's Club 
[2 Days [Sat / Sun] a week for 12 Months / 365Days ] 
15Th June 2021 To 15 July 2022
Age : 21Years to 55 Years Only
Fees : USD $99 or INR 1999 [Life Membership]

Its a  Club Not a School or Class. 
AirAviator's Club  is dedicated to providing a Virtual Online Program that focuses on the 360 Degree Holistic Development of our Young Kids  by Creating Enriching Learning Experiences through Exploration and Discovery as well as Imagination and Hands on different very Creative and Innovative and Fun loving Activities. Please Note its a Kids Club Not a School or Class. 

We believe in Engaging young minds to build them into strong confident adults who will set the bar higher.
Our aim is to develop our children into global citizens with compassion, consideration and a passion for learning through instilling self expression and vision.

What Alfa International Kids Club  Offer at 
Our little Kids, are  capable of absorbing more Global Information now than later on. The brain grows most Rapidly in the early years. High Quality Online Mentors and Virtual Teachers  can have a long-term Effect on Improving outcomes .
At Alfa International Kids Club,  our Team strongly believe learning begins not just at birth but before that and that the first Fifteen  Years of life are the most critical in a Child’s Mental and Physical Development. 
Area of Virtual Kids Development that we offer includes the following..

Creative and Innovative  Activities. 
Fun loving Activities. 
Language and Literacy Development
Role Play 
Physical Education
Festival Celebrations 
Fine and Gross  Skills Enhancement
Cognitive Development
Social, Emotional and Personal Development
Physical Development and Wellness
Creative Expressions
Positive Environment
Enriching Activities

Discover the Difference
Our Positive Approach at Alfa International Kids Club  to seeing the world makes all the difference. 
Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners. 
Infants through prekindergartners will be provided plenty of opportunities to find their strength and Inner voice.

Positive Environment
Enriching Activities
Communication With Parents
Our Teachers
Individual Attention
Child Friendly Atmosphere
Child Led Curriculum

Your little human, is capable of absorbing more information now than later on. The brain grows most rapidly in the early years. High quality teachers and preschools can have a long-term effect on improving outcomes .
we believe learning begins not just at birth but before that and that the first five years of life are the most critical in a child’s development.

Area of development that we offer includes the following..

Communication With Parents through WhatsApp 
Individual Attention 
Child Friendly and Safe Virtual Atmosphere
Child Led Curriculum
Language and Literacy Development
Executive Function
Fine gross motor skills enhancement
Cognitive development
Social and Emotional and personal Development
Physical Development and Wellness
Cognitive Development
Creative Expressions
And all these will be achieved by focused and exhilarating activities as well as elucidating discussions. Apart from Annual club schedule we also provide activities that enhance the overall blossoming of each life associated with us. Various tried and tested methodologies will be put into action ensuring a joyride with total satisfaction. 
+91 9977513452 

We are Looking forward to connecting with Following Interns

1) Social Media Managers
2) Digital Marketing Interns
3) Digital Marketing Enthusiasts
4) Digital Marketers
5) SEO Experts
6) LinkedIn Experts
7) Branding Experts
8) Facebook ad experts
9) Content Writers
10) eMarketers
11) Email Marketers
12) APO Experts

We are building a hyperactive Marketing community of Marketing Enthusiasts from budding level to expert level where they can share and grow together !!

Apply with Following Info 
Comment 'Marketing Intern' to get the invite.

Name :
Education :
EMail Id :
WhatsApp No :
Social Media Links [ 
If You are Active ]
Facebook :
Twitter      :
Linkedin   :
Instagram :
Quora      :
Any Other :
+91 9977513452

P.S: Some invites are still pending. We're working on it. Some issue from our end, to be sorted very soon!

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