Syllabus from Class VI to Class XII CBSE NCERT

Syllabus from class 6th to class 12th

Class 06 NCERT English Syllabus
A Pact with the Sun Chapters
1.  A Tale of Two Birds   

2.  The Friendly Mongoose
3.  The Shepherd’s Treasure
4.  The Old-Clock Shop
5.  Tansen
6.  The Monkey and the Crocodile
7.  The Wonder Called Sleep
8.  A Pact with the Sun
9.  What Happened to the Reptiles
10.                   A Strange Wrestling Match
Honeysuckle Chapters
1.  Who Did Patrick’s Homework?; A House, A Home
2.  How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!; The Kite
3.  Taro’s Reward; The Quarrel
4.  An Indian - American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla; Beauty
5.  A Different Kind of School; Where Do All the Teachers Go?
6.  Who I Am; The Wonderful Words
7.  Fair Play
8.  A Game of Chance; Vocation
9.  Desert Animals; Whatif
10.                   The Banyan Tree

Class 06 NCERT Science Syllabus
1.  Food: Where Does It Come From?
2.  Components Of Food

3.  Fibre To Fabric
4.  Sorting Materials Into Groups
5.  Separation Of Substances
6.  Changes Around Us
7.  Getting To Know Plants
8.  Body Movements
9.  The Living Organisms And Their Surroundings
10.                  Motion And Measurement Of Distances
11.                  Light, Shadows And Reflections
12.                  Electricity And Circuits
13.                  Fun With Magnets
14.                  Water
15.                  Air Around Us
16.                  Garbage In, Garbage Out

Class 07 NCERT English Syllabus

Honeycomb Chapters
1.  Three Questions; The Squirrel
2.  A Gift of Chappals; The Rebel
3.  Gopal and the Hilsa Fish; The Shed
4.  The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom; Chivvy
5.  Quality; Trees
6.  Expert Detectives; Mystery of the Talking Fan
7.  The Invention of Vita-Wonk; Dad and the Cat and the Tree
8.  Fire: Friend and Foe; Meadow Surprises
9.  A Bicycle in Good Repair; Garden Snake
10.                  The Story of Cricket
The Alien Hand Chapters
1.  The Tiny Teacher

2.  Bringing up Kari
3.  he Desert
4.  The Cop and the Anthem
5.  Golu Grows a Nose
6.  I Want Something in a Cage
7.  Chandni
8.  The Bear Story
9.  A Tiger in the House
10.                  An Alien Hand

Class 07 NCERT Science Syllabus


3.  Fibre to Fabric
4.  Heat
5.  Acids, Bases and Salts
6.  Physical and Chemical Changes
7.  Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
8.  Winds, Storms and Cyclones
9.  Soil
10.                  Respiration in Organisms
11.                  Transportation in Animals and Plants
12.                  Reproduction in Plants
13.                  Motion and Time
14.                  Electric Current and its Effects
15.                  Light
16.                  Water: A Precious Resource
17.                  Forests: Our Lifeline
18.                  Wastewater Story

Class 08 NCERT English Syllabus

Honeydew Chapters
1.  The Best Christmas Present in the World; The Ant and the Cricket
2.  The Tsunami; Geography Lesson
3.  Glimpses of the Past; Macavity: The Mystery Cat
4.  Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory; The Last Bargain
5.  The Summit Within; The School Boy
6.  This is Jody’s Fawn; The Duck and the Kangaroo
7.  A Visit to Cambridge; When I set out for Lyonnesse
8.  A Short Monsoon Diary; On the Grasshopper and Cricket
9.  The Great Stone Face – I
10.                  The Great Stone Face – II
It So Happened Chapters
1.  How the Camel got his hump
2.  Children at work
3.  The selfish Giant
4.  The treasure within
5.  Princess September
6.  The fight
7.  The open window
8.  Jalebi
9.  The comet - I 
10.                  The comet – II

Class 08 NCERT Science Syllabus


1.  Crop Production And Management
2.  Microorganisms: Friend And Foe
3.  Synthetic Fibres And Plastics
4.  Materials : Metals And Non-Metals
5.  Coal And Petroleum
6.  Combustion And Flame
7.  Conservation Of Plants And Animals
8.  Cell: Structure And Functions
9.  Reproduction In Animals
10.                  Reaching The Age Of Adolescence
11.                  Force And Pressure
12.                  Friction
13.                  Sound
14.                  Chemical Effects Of Electric Current
15.                  Some Natural Phenomena
16.                  Light
17.                  Stars And The Solar System
18.                  Pollution Of Air And Water

NCERT  CBSE Syllabus for Class 9  

Beehive Chapters   

The Fun They Had
The Sound of Music
The Little Girl
A Truly Beautiful Mind
The Snake and the Mirror
My Childhood 
Reach for the Top
The Bond of Love 
If I Were You
Moments Chapters  
The Lost Child
The Adventures of Toto
Iswaran the Storyteller
In the Kingdom of Fools
The Happy Prince
Weathering the Storm in Ersama
The Last Leaf
A House Is Not a Home
The Accidental Tourist
The Beggar

NCERT  CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Science 

Matter In Our Surroundings  

Is Matter Around Us Pure
Atoms And Molecules
Structure Of The Atom
The Fundamental Unit Of Life
Diversity In Living Organisms
Force And Laws Of Motion
Work And Energy
Why Do We Fall Ill
Natural Resources

Improvement In Food Resources

Class 10 NCERT English Syllabus

First Flight Chapters
1.  A Letter to God; Dust of Snow; Fire and Ice
2.  Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom; A Tiger in the Zoo
3.  Two Stories about Flying - I. His First Flight, II. Black Aeroplane; How to Tell Wild Animals; The Ball Poem
4.  From the Diary of Anne Frank; Amanda!
5.  The Hundred Dresses–I
6.  The Hundred Dresses–II; Animals
7.  Glimpses of India - I. A Baker from Goa, II. Coorg, III. Tea from Assam; The Trees
8.  Mijbil the Otter; Fog
9.  Madam Rides the Bus; The Tale of Custard the Dragon
10.                  The Sermon at Benares; For Anne Gregory
11.                  The Proposal
Footprints without Feet Chapters
1.  A Triumph of Surgery
2.  The Thief’s Story
3.  The Midnight Visitor
4.  A Question of Trust
5.  Footprints without Feet
6.  The Making of a Scientist
7.  The Necklace
8.  The Hack Driver
9.  Bholi
10.                  The Book That Saved the Earth

Class 10 NCERT Science Syllabus


1.  Chemical Reactions and Equations
2.  Acids, Bases and Salts
3.  Metals and Non-metals
4.  Carbon and its Compounds
5.  Periodic Classification of Elements
6.  Life Processes
7.  Control and Coordination
8.  How do Organisms Reproduce?
9.  Heredity and Evolution
10.                  Light - Reflection and Refraction
11.                  Human Eye and Colourful World
12.                  Electricity
13.                  Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14.                  Sources of Energy
15.                  Our Environment
16.                  Management of Natural Resources

Class 11 NCERT Mathematics Syllabus

1.  Sets
2.  Relations and Functions
3.  Trigonometric Functions
4.  Principle of Mathematical Induction
5.  Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6.  Linear Inequalities
7.  Permutations and Combinations
8.  Binomial Theorem
9.  Sequences and Series
10.                  Straight Lines
11.                  Conic Sections
12.                  Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
13.                  Limits and Derivatives
14.                  Mathematical Reasoning
15.                  Statistics
16.                  Probability

Class 11 NCERT Biology Syllabus

1.  The Living World
2.  Biological Classification
3.  Plant Kingdom
4.  Animal Kingdom
5.  Morphology of Flowering Plants
6.  Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7.  Structural Organisation in Animals
8.  Cell: The Unit of Life
9.  Biomolecules
10.                  Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11.                  Transport in Plants
12.                  Mineral Nutrition
13.                  Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14.                  Respiration in Plants
15.                  Plant Growth and Development
16.                  Digestion and Absorption
17.                  Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18.                  Body Fluids and Circulation
19.                  Excretory Products and their Elimination
20.                  Locomotion and Movement
21.                  Neural Control and Coordination
22.                  Chemical Coordination and Integration

Class 12 NCERT Mathematics Syllabus

Part-1 Chapters
1.  Relations and Functions
2.  Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3.  Matrices
4.  Determinants
5.  Continuity and Differentiability
6.  Application of Derivatives
Part-2 Chapters
1.  Integrals
2.  Application of Integrals
3.  Differential Equations
4.  Vector Algebra
5.  Three Dimensional Geometry
6.  Linear Programming
7.  Probability

Class 12 NCERT Biology Syllabus

1.  Reproduction in Organisms
2.  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3.  Human Reproduction
4.  Reproductive Health
5.  Principles of Inheritance and Variation
6.  Molecular Basis of Inheritance
7.  Evolution
8.  Human Health and Disease
9.  Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
10.                  Microbes in Human Welfare
11.                  Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
12.                  Biotechnology and its Applications
13.                  Organisms and Populations 
14.                  Ecosystem
15.                  Biodiversity and Conservation
16.                  Environmental Issues

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