Career as Physiotherapist in Abroad

Career as Physiotherapist in Abroad

Before thinking of abroad first you need to decide where you want to go.
Physiotherapy is a Noble Health Profession in all the countries with people understanding and realising the importance of the Profession and ability of the Physiotherapists. Having said that, there are places where it is not considered as a prime thing while other countries consider it higher than MBBS.
So here are few countries where Physiotherapy was  in much demand before Covid19:
New Zealand
These are not only the countries where there are Numerous Opportunities but also a lot of competition as wel. Indians Must have Some Master Degree before they actually Apply for any Jon in these country. 
So demand after Covid19 in above countries for  Physiotherapy Graduate will need some time due to  VISA and Immigiration Issues. 
Yes in western countries like US, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark there is a far better scope as a Physiotherapist but before going to apply for any country you need to clear a Licensure Exams to Practice.
It is far better that if you want to work as a Physiotherapist in abroad, especially above mentioned countries, You must do some course over there which will be more easy for you to clear the Exams. Also they will accept you better as a Physio over there.
Genuinely you have far better scope as Physiotherapist in those nations where Government  Have well established healthcare setups and institutions and good skilled labour and healthcare policies for citizens like in UAE, Europe U.S.A ,Australia and few regions in middle East like Kuwait, Dubai, Sharjah etc. For they you must have pass entrance test for practice and licensure like NPTE in USA with G.R.E or ILETS. 
Step By Step Career as Physiotherapist in Abroad
You are Not going to get employ you if you are not Registered with AHPRA in Australia. Regardless of your past experience, even as a Locum.   Before you “settle” you need to work asa a Resident . Or some kind of working Visa. If you are over 50 , unless your spouse is highly skilled and you are prosperous, you will get less points towards either of these. Australia is a very popular destination so we select the best.  A lot of people think it is cool to come to Australia as overweight over 50s and enjoy our universal Healthcare. 

Scope of Physiotherapy [BPT ] in Abroad
[1]  Choose the Country
[2]  Learn about Local Rules
[3]  Keep a minimum of 2-3 Years' time for preparations.
[4]  Get Your Passport Ready
[5]  Apply for a Master Degree as Backup
[6]  Get your Online Accounts Update
       [A] Linkedin [B] Indeed [C] Monster

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PS : Please Note all Above Information is Pre Covid19 Period. Everything may change Post Covid19. Kindly hold on to new developments. 

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