BBA Mass Comm Management

BBA Mass Comm  Management 

Mass communication involves the transmission of information to large numbers of people through the use of mass media. With an increase in the number of television sets, news channels, radio stations, advertising, this field seems to be transcending into an unmatched growth and opens up the door towards a dynamic career. A degree in mass communication opens up opportunities in Journalism, Public relations and advertising, as a career. Mass communication course encompasses various streams.

BBA is the Three-Year Full Time Bachelor Degree Programme for those who are interested in further Management Studies. Whether you have done your Schooling  with an Arts or  Humanities or Science, you are free to choose the BBA programme. The BBA is most popular and well-known course among the Arts Commerce and Science Students.

Career Opportunities in Mass Communication


Public Relations


Media Planner

Broadcasting and Production

Event Manager

Mass communication has a very strong future in India, but it is often seen media companies that are expecting good writers or publishers wants to hire good experienced people. Many fresh graduates are fail to clear an interviews due to less or no experience.

Some of the top companies hiring mass communication experts in India are:

1. NDTV Network

2. Zee TV Network

3. Times of India Publication Group

4. Doordarshan 

5. Hindustan Times Group of Publication

Now what exactly companies expect from you guys?

Top recruiters expects multi talent profiles now a days. You must be able to do every aspect of media including, PR, online writing, kind of all content you must be able to create.

Jobs After Mass Communication Course

Content Writer

Content writers are the professional writers who engage content for various websites, including social networks, e-commerce sites, blogs, college websites etc. They help to expand the digital footprint and drive more value through online content by collaborating with departments to create innovative content ideas. Explore content writer jobs here.

Technical Writer

A technical writer is the one who writes complex information and also creates technical documentation which includes things like user manuals, quick reference guides, instruction manuals etc. Also, they create more common types of content leading from social media, press release, web pages etc. Being as a technical writer, one has to collaborate with other teams members, including content writers, document specialist, industry experts, to create dynamic content. See technical writer jobs here.

If you are willing to make your career in this field, you can enrol in content writing courses that will help you learn web content writing as well as techincal writing.

News Editor

News Editors is being assigned with the work role of deciding which news stories need to be printed and manage and produce news to present information with flow, accuracy and within the time frame. They also coordinate with other team members of the newsroom and other departments to determine priorities for the same. Discover news editor jobs here.

If you have a desire to make your career in news editing, you can enrol in a professional editing course

Film Director

A film director is the one who is enrolled with multiple tasks from studying a script and determining the best way to illustrate its message for public education or entertainment and working alongside with every member of the film production team, dealing with the actors and producers to the camera operators and lightening technicians. Many directors work in Hollywood, but apart from it others work around the country, directing for video production companies or in the advertising industry.

Screen Writer

Screenwriters are enrolled with work responsibilities like developing and researching ideas for original movie screenplays, creating an initial framework for screenplays, working with producers and directors to edit and adjust the script as needed etc. For choosing a profession as a screenwriter, one should have strong writing talent, self- motivation, creativity and an understanding of the film making process.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineers are the people who work in film, music, television and radio and as well as during live performances. They are responsible for many work tasks such as adding sound effects to recordings, resolving technical problems, performing duties assigned by directors, producers etc. To become a sound engineer, one should be knowledgeable about editing techniques and different audio recordings to perform well with the various tasks appointed.

Sound Mixer

A sound mixer is the one who is responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the television production, film making using professional audio equipment for final output. Also, he or she is assigned to maintain the log sheets for each roll of tape-recorded and marking printed task with the camera assistant and script supervisor.

Art Director

Art directors are responsible for overlooking the creation of visual material for print, advertisement, film production and other outlets. They determine how to best present the concept visually and which photographs or design elements will be suited to use and develop the overall style of publication, television, advertising campaign etc. The main objective of an art director is to understand the design elements of projects and inspire other creative workers and keep the projects on budget with the given deadline.

Public Relation Officer

A Public Relation Officer is assigned with many task roles such as developing PR strategies and campaigns, preparing and distributing a press release, editing and updating promotional material and publications like videos, social, media posts etc., addressing inquires from the media and other parties etc. To be a PR officer, you should be an organized and polite professional who is capable of handling a crisis. Explore PR officer jobs here.

BBA in Mass Media Management is a course designed for media enthusiast who wish to seek a career in Journalism, Television, Newspapers, Films & Radio, Public Relations, Advertising, etc. and are taught about the other potential streams of Media Management, blended with Business Administration exposure.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of the World-wide Media. The module is coupled with insights from industry professionals, practical learning and improving media literacy. The course structure is curated and geared towards creating professionals for the Indian Media and Entertainment industry.

Scope of Mass Media Management-

Over the years, there has been an phenomenal evolution in mass communication. With the increase in the figure of TV sets, Smart Phones, OTT Platforms, News channels, Radio channels, Social media, there has been an impeccable growth in the future of Mass media.

As we have seen that mass communication has been growing at a very dynamic rate, the Career Scope has also triggered with a doubled employment requirement. The job opportunities are increasing due to the multiple platforms being introduced for Entertainment.

A journalist today might have an option to write for Newspaper, TV Channel or a Digital Marketing agency that publishes news content on social media for their followers. Similarly, we see how actors or film-makers don’t just work in TV Soaps or Films but have the privilege to work for so many OTT Channels to display their talent and creativity where they can reach out to global masses.

Course Objectives

A foundation for understanding the communication and media studies discipline that prepares them to focus on the humanistic aspect of media and its impact on society

Knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them for future careers in our interconnected society, whether in mass media or advanced study

Curiosity, creativity, and intellectual risk-taking

Critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and the ability to create works of high quality

An improved sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy and an awareness of their responsibilities as professionals in their field

To enable the students to integrate various functions with organizational goals and strategies

Course Outcomes

Curriculum structure provides students with an integrative core of courses in theory, history, technology production, and hands-on practice in digital media.

Students will be able to write for variety of mass media, including news stories, press releases, and advertising copy, following accepted journalistic standards.

Students will be able to conceptualize, design, and produce one or more works in media based on effective principles and practices of media aesthetics for a target audience.

They learn Critiquing, analysing, and synthesizing dominant views, including careful reading of key texts.

Learning to apply conceptual tools in profession, and work collaboratively and constructively together.

Some of the Special features of our course are:

Students get a fair practical and theoretical experience of all means of communication with a strong base developed in Business Administration.

Exposure to meet and get trained by Profound and Trained faculty from the Industry

Understanding news writing and different structures of news writing, the importance of editorial, arrangement and style of presentation and the software involved in print journalism.

In addition to training as writer/directors, students will become proficient in other production and postproduction skills (camera, lighting, sound, editing) and have the ability to enter careers in the entertainment industry, broadcasting, journalism, art, advertising, and arts management.

Be able to determine, analyse and respond to clients' advertising and marketing communications objectives by applying principles of marketing and communications.

How does our BBA in Mass Media Management course add to your Personal development?

Creative Thinking – You learn to come up with unconventional and innovative ideas, find solutions to different circumstances and enhance your intellectual thinking.

Technological Indulgence – You aspire to equip yourself with latest technology, join in endeavours of the changing media tools and adapt to modern versions of technology time to time.

Embrace Change – You learn to understand the media industry with a wider perspective and start embracing the profession both ethically and commercially.

Managing Diversity – You develop a global cultural aptitude , study various emotional intelligence and learn to effectively negotiate and collaborate. 

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