Importance of ViSume for Professionals

Importance of ViSume for Professionals

A Video Resume or a ViSume is a new creative type of Resume which allows professionals to create a good first impression. A ViSume allows a professional to give a personal touch to the Resume and add their personality to it. 

Some of the benefits of a ViSume for professionals would include the following, 

1. ViSumes are more credible to the employees: Employers believe there are fewer chances of faking information in a ViSume. This helps professionals to provide information in detail to the employers in a credible manner such that they are able to better assess the technical skills and the knowledge required for the job.

2. ViSumes can help you show your zeal and enthusiasm: Unlike on a paper or a digital doc, a ViSume gives you a platform to show your enthusiasm. This is because if you are really excited about a job, the enthusiasm will be difficult to hide. This gives a better chance of you converting an interview call.

3. This shows that you are comfortable with the latest technology: When you submit a ViSume rather than submitting a simple word doc or pdf, it shows that you have put in a lot of effort to record and edit the video. This use of technology shows that you are a candidate with updated knowledge in technology and are less likely to face technological challenges. In a technology-driven era, this is a very desirable skill.

4. Show a peek into your personality: Most Resumes give zero clues about the candidate's personality, but a ViSume gives you a platform to express your personality and how it is a good fit for the organization’s culture.

5. Communication skills: This also helps in properly conveying your communication skills to the employer. Since the ViSume involves speaking about your Resume, it gives the candidate a platform to properly communicate the content to the employer rather than leaving it for interpretation by them. This again is an indicator of good communication skills.

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