Motivation and Happiness go Hand in Hand

Do Motivation and Happiness go Hand in Hand?

Anshika Motwani

“The days that make us Happy make us Wise.”

It is difficult to strive for achievement and internal satisfaction if you lack Motivation in life. How would you expect to pass the test if you aren't inspired to study? And how would you be successful if you spend more of your time focused on external Motivations (pleasing others for recognition or success) rather than internal Motives (focusing on a target for personal Happiness)?

Happiness may be a Motivator and some people can derive Motivation from experiencing other positive Motivators such as a sense of achievement, recognition, and a sense of belonging. The physical environment affects perceptions of Happiness. Their opposites—pain, hunger — create unHappiness. However, evidence indicates that such a significant shift in conditions has only a short-term effect on your sense of satisfaction. If you have adapted to the current environment, it becomes the expected 'natural,' and your level of satisfaction returns to their biological norm. This is true with both natural disasters and major windfall profits.

Motivation fosters ambition to accomplish a goal, such as losing weight or finding a new career, and as you excel, you are pleased with the outcome. So, if you keep Motivating yourself and setting and achieving new goals, you'll feel better than you did before. And, while achievement is the source of inspiration, pleasure is the intrinsic emotion that drives it. So, to ensure that both your satisfaction and productivity levels are increasing, set small goals for yourself and learn to be content with steady progress.

Motivation is essential for effectively Managing the struggles that life throws at us. Highly driven individuals, for example, are organized, and they assign specific hours in their lives to various assignments, giving themselves deadlines to finish each one. An example would be waking up on time and getting out of bed. If you like what you do, you may be more inspired to get out of bed and into work on time, but if you are uninterested, you can end up pressing the 'Snooze' button a couple of too many times, wasting needless time.

Without Motivation, success is unachievable. And while success is the vision, it is essential to remember that Happiness is the most important part of the equation, without Happiness, there will be no sense of purpose to your success.

Doing what 

You Like is Freedom

Be Happy with 

What you Have

Anshika Motwani 

Manager FinTech

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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