Think Big, Dream Bigger Donia Elizabeth #Motivation #Dreams #Thoughts #Achieve #Inspiration #MindPower #Coaching #Patience #Goals

Think Big, Dream Bigger

Donia Elizabeth

#Motivation #Dreams #Thoughts #Achieve #Inspiration #MindPower #Coaching #Patience #Goals 

The People who think they are Crazy enough to change the world are the ones who Do so   

Everyone wishes for success and also admires people who are successful. But more or less often degrade or hinder themselves from thinking big. People generally find it difficult to think that they are capable of such success and some cultures even think that they are not allowed to dream big. 

Why is it important to Dream Big?

If everyone in the world thought it taboo to think big or dream big, how would the world have been? Do you think there would have been any success stories? Any rags to riches stories? It is a fact that some people dare to think big and dream bigger than they succeed in life like no other. 

Thinking big will give you #Motivation to do things that might seem difficult to achieve. It will build in that drive that you want to achieve things in life. While thinking big is from a practical point of view, Dream is not so. You can even dream of being the President of the United States. Dream Bigger because only if you aim for the stars can you land on the moon. 

To be able to think big and dream bigger, you first need to clearly #Define what you really want. Only if you determine what you want can you put a direction to your thoughts and dreams.

Next, you need to #Plan Big and identify a course of action on how you will achieve this goal of yours. The plan can be as elaborate as possible, just not too limited. 

While you set out to execute your plan, do not be afraid of #Failure. Failures are lessons in your path, without which you learn nothing. If you fail, get back up and start again but make sure to not make the same mistakes again.

#Patience is key here, your thoughts are big and your dreams bigger. Big dreams take time to achieve and it is essential to not lose your motivation and be patient in achieving your goals

Don’t let anyone hinder you or tell you anything is impossible. Where there is a will, there is always a way!

Donia Elizabeth [MBA IIM-s]

Manager Mktg [ Quiz Incharge]

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