How to Improve Time Management Skills for Management Students Akansha Sharma Marketing Manager

How to Improve Time  Management Skills for Management Students 

Akansha Sharma

All the students are assigned with the 24 working hours, but we need to make crucial hours out of it. here some ways where we can make to do list it help us to set up goals on the daily basis prior to our bunch of work kept on the table. just simply do not over think and start accomplish task starting with the smallest one first as it boost your confidence level and help to move ached for others. Set small actions at work with the fixed timeline according to your effectiveness and ability to complete it. some tasks are overwhelming which can dwell us in procrastination .so just take small coffee breaks, look around make small exercises would help you  to feel good. Try to avoid multitasking just stay focused to one task until it is not completed. reduce distractions which is the most vulnerable part of today’s techno savvy world. So just keep aside all social media platforms like face book ,  integral, snap chat as youngsters now a days develop their use because they are just arose as the internal feeling of hunger, or thirst so keep a little bit of snack , food and water besides yourself and keep your body hydrated all the time. be an early bird set awhile day scheduled from morning to evening which includes jogging, physical exercise, yoga and small  breaks in order to charge yourself from the boredom of work done by you .keep a clock placed visibly before you so that your eyes can trigger your mind about the current time .avoid perfectionism as too much perfectionism act like time waster and frustrating for others. Keep small rewards on the accomplishment of the small tasks like taking a tour, or visiting a nearby friend, T.V time , beach time. It will help in reducing the monitors work life and you will try to create work life balance.

There are some steps which you can follow from now to improve your time nana genet skills setting up timer for every two minutes whenever you fell unmotivated. Keep a time log for few days for each of the activities you follow, making checklist. Learn to say no to the activities that do not set your priorities.

Akansha Sharma

Marketing Manager

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