Manage Time to Create a Balance between Work Life and Personal Life Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s] Manager HR [ Internship Incharge] AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

#How do you Manage Time to Create a Balance between Work Life and Personal Life

Shruti Priya 

“Balance between personal and professional lives ensure continued success in career and enjoy time among family and friends.”

Work-Life and Personal Life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between work and lifestyle. In other words, it is a state of equilibrium where one equally prioritizes the demands of career and personal life. Here the Work-life includes career and ambition, and lifestyle is about health, family, pleasures, friends, leisure, etc. Often balancing a professional and personal life can be challenging. But it is essential to maintain a balance between them. Most of the time, people give more priority to their work than everything else in their lives. The strong desire to succeed in life pushes us to set aside our well-being. A harmonious work-life balance is not only crucial for our physical and mental well-being, but it is also essential for our careers.

Some of the reasons that lead to a poor work-life balance include:

Working all the time- Work is good and healthy, but when it becomes a thing that starts consuming your other priorities in life, it may cause burnout.

Do not have suitable working hours- It is essential to slow down and breathe sometimes. Whether it means taking a day off or inventing on things you like to do, like your hobbies, if you don’t have suitable working hours, then have a cut-off time to have your time.

Irregular sleep cycle- Having a good sleep is very important for proper health both mentally and physically. It also helps in working more creatively and increases your passion for the work.

Physical health – Physical health must be a priority to everyone. If you are not healthy, you cannot work or invest time in your personal life, so it is very important to evaluate your time and invest in physical health.

Lack of goal or Aim in life- Not having a direction hurt the productivity in work and personal life. It is very important to have structure and values in life.

Less involvement in personal relationships- Friends and families are the people who support you in every situation no matter what and provide stability in life. So, it is very important to nurture these personal relationships.

Fear of failure- due to the fear of failing in life, people overwork themselves. It is essential to understand that success needs both hard work and smart work.

Stressed- If we don’t follow healthy habits, our body will respond with increased stress. This can lead to many other mental conditions.

Never say no to the job- One should learn to know the things that are not of high value. Sometimes that means saying no to something that’s good but comes up at the wrong time.

Lack of interest in other activities- We have so many things that can be done; not everything can be done. Still, one can experiment with their hobbies by stretching their boundaries to find something you can genuinely enjoy, which can also help increase creativity.

Then how can we balance our professional and personal life?. To know the secret, we first need to understand that there is no perfect work-life balance exist. So what can be done to maintain a life where both the professional and personal life have equal priorities. Below are some of the things that I do to maintain a balance. 

I prepare a list of task that needs to be completed in the day. The list includes both professional and personal duties. Keep an eye on the schedule; if something doesn’t go as planned or one work is taking more than expected time, reschedule it immediately.

It is very important to prioritize your time. There may be 50  works on the list, so it is very important to prioritize tasks into urgent, meaningful, and unimportant tasks.

Learn to say ‘NO.’ Wipe your mind before leaving the office or after working hours.

Spend time with your family. Do something new for your family every time. Try to make your weekends and holidays memorable.

Set work hours for yourself and do everything in your power to stick to them. Otherwise, before you know it, you’ll be working until midnight every night.

Face reality doesn’t focus on being a perfectionist. At the end of every working day, take some time for your self-analysis. 

Prioritizing health first and foremost will make you a better employee and person.

If there is a problem or you are working too much, which happens in most cases. You need to “stop” and change a certain script in your life, start small and then try to build from there. 

“So Work to Live, don’t Live to Work.”

Shruti Priya [MBA IIM-s]

Manager HR [ Internship Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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