Manage your Time Effectively as a Workplace Leader Aditi Tiwari Manager Mktg Aircrews Aviation Private Limited

How to Manage your Time Effectively as a Workplace Leader

Aditi Tiwari 

Being a leader means setting an example in front of the people working along with you and letting them know how multitasking is done. You can do anything, but not everything. 

Being a leader doesn't mean doing everything yourself what it actually mean is how you can assign the right work to right employees, knowing which responsibilities can be delegated to the employees by that you can give attention to high priority tasks and the things which only you can do. 

Firstly, knoe your task which can be and cannot be delegated. Proper instructions are needed for each and every task. After that define what the task is all about and how it is to be done. Decide how to track progress and status you should choose wisely to whom you gonna trust and who are the write people for the job. 

Schedule everything ~ 

For making the work firm and smooth you need to set a proper time for a particular task. Learning good time management includes getting in the habit of writing thing's down and scheduling out your workflow. It includes meetings, inbox check ins, add breaks and other things whichever you want to include in your work list. 

Effective time management means adding new tasks to an open block tomorrow and moving on to everything else you had planned for the day.

Aditi Tiwari 

Manager Mktg

Aircrews Aviation Private Limited

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