Set Objective to be a Successful MBA Indrani Roy [MBA- ICFAI],, Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd,

Set Objective to be a Successful MBA

Indrani Roy

Objective gives us direction to our work, it gives us sense of doing a work, objective is to see the work that i am doing what result it will give? (Is the result is beneficial for me and my future?), 

the objective is ultimately connected to decision making process if we are thinking of the results that means we are enter to the decision making process, now we take controlling measures by seeing the merits and demerits of our decision if it is fruitful we will definitely go ahead, if it is not then we change it according to our plan and then execute it, and  this is also connected to the strategic thinking here the question is arising that HOW? So, when we are talking about our future it is a long term plan and hence it is strategic.

Now , as student we have to set some objective to be a successful MBA

1.We will develop effective communication skills to simplify complex business ideas. Now our world is globalised we must inherit communication skills to connect ourselves with the world. we can be able to effectively communicate quantitative and qualitative business concepts in a clear and concise manner in written and oral formats. we can be able to work and communicate effectively with diverse team members.

2.know ourselves- self awareness is key to one’s success, we need to objectively evaluate that where we are in terms of skills and achievements, and where we want to be, most importantly how to transform and develop ourselves to reach there.

3.Grasp every opportunity we get whether it is involvement of college team work or internships never step ourselves back, this habit will lead to a great success in our life.

4.Analytical and critical thinking of a Student will develop the ability to analyze complex management situations by managing information, applying qualitative and quantitative solutions, and integrating information technology like IBM statistical editor to get the data improve decision making and increase competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change. We can demonstrate the ability to identify analyze and solve complex business problems using quantitative methods, statistical analyse like anova, t-test, correlation, regression and information technology. We can demonstrate the ability to reflect and draw on coursework and life experiences in making managerial decisions in competitive and uncertain business environments.

5. Always go for advice – we must talk to people more experienced than us like mentors, seniors etc.. and continue to grow to get the other side, in the end we will have the best experiences of our life.

6. Leadership quality we can be able to analyze organizational environments, understand and communicate the underlying social and ethical forces, determine appropriate responses, and implement solutions.

Indrani Roy [MBA- ICFAI],, 

Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd,

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