Online Blogger Training Program

Online Blogger  Training Program

[Classes Mon To Fri ViSume on Sat -Sun]


Online Blogger Training Program

[5 days a week for 12 Week Only ] 

Age: 18 Years to 35 Years only

Fees: USD 1000 or  INR 8990 

Work From Home [WFH]

About the Program:

The online Blogging Training program is a Certificate program for students who want to build their career in Blogging. The course will guide you through creating a successful Blog from scratch and helping you take your blog to the next level. This course is for developing a correct mindset and discovering the blogging niche that is of your interest. This course will make students familiar with blogging content and familiarize them with creating new content and better writing. After completing the course, students can develop new content and never run out of ideas and become better bloggers. You can build a successful career and a profitable business around your content and turn it into a revenue-generating asset. 

Types of blogging covered under this Program :

Events Blogs

Fashion Blogs

Food Blogs  

Travel Blogs

Music Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs

Fitness Blogs

DIY Blogs

Sports Blogs


No prior knowledge is necessary only for Beginners with basic Computer skills.

Eligibility: Min 18 Years to 35 Years Age

Min Graduates / BE / BBA  / PG  / MBA /MCA / Dr/ Pilot

Perks: Certificate of Training

Start Date: 21 June

Duration: 45 Mins session everyday day for 5 days

Last date for applying: 20 June 

How to Apply

Send us Your following Info on WhatsApp 

  +91 9977513452 

Online Blogger Training Program


1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City -------------------

4.  Education --------------   

5. Age --------------

6. Univ / Ins  --------------------

7. Email :

8. WhatsApp :

9. Fees Rs 8990 by 

GooglePay  9329737330  PayTm 9826037330

[Our HR Team will contact you in 1/2 Weeks with further process, as Enquiry Volume is very High these days due to Pandemic]

Please Contact :

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