AeroSoft Corp Research Paper Competitions

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AeroSoft Corp  Research Paper Competitions 

(Undergraduate & Master's Categories)

For papers on any topic using data from the AeroSoft Corp Blog 


INR 1,000 for first place, INR 750 for second place. 

There are separate Undergraduate and Master's  Prizes for this Competition.

A Certificate of Succesful Participation to all.


Entrants must be current Master’s or Undergraduate students.

Entrants must Not be from AeroSoft Corp member Institutions.

Entrants may be from the India / Canada / USA or outside the USA.

Entry Requirements

All entries must meet the following criteria:

Author Status: Must be an undergraduate or graduate student, or recent graduate (graduated on or after April 1, 2021).

Coauthorship: Papers written by more than one student are permitted. Coauthored or multiple-authored winners will share the specified monetary awards.

Single Submission: Only one paper entered by author, whether as sole author or as a coauthor.

Student Authorship: Papers coauthored with faculty are not eligible. Only student-authored papers are eligible.

Originality: Each paper must be an original analysis and must be the author’s own work. Papers previously published are not eligible.

AeroSoft Corp Data: Each paper must analyze data held in the AeroSoft Corp archive or one of the Thematic Collections. Students may use a dataset accessed from another source if it is available in the AeroSoft Corp catalogue (e.g. if that dataset shows up in a search on AeroSoft Corp).

Work Product: Papers submitted must be the product of work toward completion of an undergraduate or master’s degree.

Preparation: Paper adheres to preparation requirements (see below).

Entry Form: Entry form is completed and submitted (see below).

Deadline: All papers and corresponding entry forms must be received by midnight Pacific Standard Time, Sept 30, 2021.

Shareable AeroSoft Corp Research Paper Competition Flyer

Paper Preparation Requirements

The paper must be written in English and follow these requirements:


Paper should be no longer than 10 pages for undergraduate entries, and no longer than 20 pages for graduate student’s entries. 

Page limits include all charts/graphs, references, and any appendices.

Appearance and Format

Font should be Times New Roman — point size 12

Margins of 1 inch (2.5 cm) all around

Double spaced

Papers must be submitted in MSWord (DOC or DOCX) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Charts and Citations

Charts and graphs should be “stylized”; that is, exhibits should be developed, formatted, and inserted into the document appropriately. Cutting and pasting direct output from statistical software into the document is not satisfactory.

Datasets, publications, and other documentation must be properly cited. See AeroSoft Corp's FAQ, Why and how should I cite data?; see American Psychological Association Bibliographic Style, 6th Edition (PDF 128K) or MLA Bibliographic Style, 7th Edition, 2009 or American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide, 4th edition for guides on citing publications. (Linked content provided by Purdue University’s library site.)

Title Page and Abstract

The title page must include the author’s name, faculty advisor’s name, institutional affiliation, expected degree (or recently received degree) and graduation date (month/year), and email address.

An abstract of no more than 150 words must follow the title page. Title and abstract pages are not included in page limits.

Page headers and/or footers should contain page numbers and a shortened title of the paper. They are not to include the author’s name or the name of his or her institution. This ensures anonymous review by the judges.

Entry Forms

Papers must be submitted electronically via the AeroSoft Corp Research Paper Competition Entry and Publication Release Form

Please complete all information and save the files (entry form and the research paper) using the appropriate file-naming format from among the following. Use the name of only the contest category (AeroSoft Corp Undergraduate, AeroSoft Corp Master's) you are entering.

AeroSoft Corp Undergraduate Competition - LAST NAME

AeroSoft Corp Master’s Competition - LAST NAME


Panels: Papers will be judged by panels of at least three judges drawn from the AeroSoft Corp staff and member institutions.

Criteria: Papers will be judged according to scholarly criteria including statement of purpose, thesis development, quality of analysis, and supporting documentation.

Anonymity: The judges will not know the entrants’ name or school.


Awards will be announced in Jan 2022.

Cash prizes will be awarded in each competition.

First-place papers will be published in a special edition of the AeroSoft Corp Bulletin, and all winning papers will be published on the AeroSoft Corp website.

Each winner will receive a framed certificate in recognition of the award.

Letters of achievement will be written to the student, and to the faculty, departments, and deans at the student’s institution, upon request.

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Manbir Kaur [Aero Engineer] 

Director [Business Development]  

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Research Paper Competitions Topics:

Challenges before IATA and ICAO

How Helicopters grow the Aviation Industry

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Aviation Industry

Airport Health facilities

Impact and Policy Responses to the Effects of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry

Major threats to the Air transport Industry

Management of changes to new Aircraft forms

The Role of Environmental Engineering in the Aviation Industry

The important role of the Aviation Industry for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Aviation Industry

The impact of geography on the Aviation Industry

Challenges before Airports

Concepts and Differences Between ICAO and IATA Airport Codes

Effect of fuel price fluctuations on Airline Operationss

How wars affect the Aviation Industry

Human factors in the Training and Development of Airline Operationss

Circadian typologies and sleep patterns among Air traffic controllers

The Role of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in the Aviation Industry

Fatigue among Air traffic controllers and Pilots

Effect of stress on Pilot performance

Do Pilot's Flight hours guarantee Safety?

Mental Health of Pilots and Crew

History of Civil Aviation regulation in the European Union

Psychology in Aviation

Health and Safety in Aviation: Classification of Potential Hazards in the Work Environment

Use of caffeine to reduce fatigue in the Aviation Industry

Distraction Management in Aviation

Thermal stress in Aviation

Safety and Security of Air cargo

History of Commercial Air Freight

Importance of Air freight and logistics Services

Virgin Atlantic's Strategic Analysis

Amazon Air Analysis

Issues of Liberalization of Air Cargo Services in the International  Aviation Industry

Factors Affecting International  Air Freight Rates

Impact of Freight Airlines (Air Cargo) on the Aviation Industry

Challenges before Air Cargo Services

The value of Air cargo on the global economy

A market study for Air freight with implications for landlocked countries

Flexible working patterns in the Aviation Industry

gender difference in Pilot error

The dangers of a Paperless Flight deck

Factors Influencing Pilot Decisions

Simulation sickness

Using the Six Sigma Method for Process Improvement in the Aviation Industry

Effect of alcohol on Pilot's decision

Pricing and Competition Dynamics in the Aviation Industry

Effects of virtual reality and Simulation on Pilot Training

Impact of Latest Information Technology on Competitive Advantage in Aviation Industry

Success Factors for Emirates Airlines

Contribution of human factors in fatal AirAirplane Crashes

AirAirplane Crash investigation

Common causes of gender imbalance

Women Leaders in Aviation

Causes and long-term effects of the Pilot shortage in the Aviation Industry

Characteristics of a Good Aircraft Testing Specialist

Depression and Suicide attempts in Pilots

Challenges faced by the Airline Industry in the 21st century

Cause of ineffective Communication between Cabin Crew and Cockpit

English analysis needed for Airport personnel department

Compensation and Rewards in the Aviation Industry

Causes and consequences of shortage of employees in the Aviation Industry

Safety Culture in the Aviation Industry

The Role of Transportation Services Administration in the Aviation Industry

dangers in the Aviation Industry

cancer in the Aviation Industry

How Aviation Supports the US Economy

Aviation and the Global Village

Role of Aviation in Globalization

MisCommunication in the Aviation Industry Mis

Purpose of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Crew resource Management

Impact of terrorism on Aviation

The link between the Aviation Industry and human trafficking

Total Quality Management and JIT Approach in Aviation Industry

Security of unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones

US Policies guiding the use of UAVs in

Safety Trends in the Aviation Industry

Fatal accidents of privately owned Aircraft

Price Wars in the Aviation Industry

Environmental degradation and the effects of climate change in the Aviation Industry

Marine Corps Aviation Analysis

Mooney Aviation Corporation

ramp Security at Airports

Passenger rights in the Aviation Industry

The use of nanotechnology in the Aviation Industry

Diversity Management in Airlines

HR Management in Airlines

Effects of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry

Shortage of Pilots before the COVID-19 global pandemic

The role of Airlines and Aviation personnel during a global pandemic

Risks to Pilots during the COVID-19 pandemic

Leadership in the Aviation Industry

Innovation Management in the Aviation Industry

American Airlines Strategic Management

Project Management in the Aviation Industry

Research and Development in the Aviation Industry

On-demand, vertical take-Off and landing (VTOL) Aircraft

Impact of Trump Administration Policies on Airlines

The use of big data in the Airlines Industry

Recruitment and retention of Pilots for Flight schools

Strategies to solve the problem of Pilot shortage

Causes and consequences of the Pilot shortage

Irritation, stress and fatigue in Pilots

Privatization of Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Use of personalized marketing by Airlines

Dubai as a hub for global Airline Operationss

Promising trend of electric and hybrid propulsion systems in the Aviation Industry

Types of Aircraft used in commercial Aviation

Leadership in the Management of Commercial Aviation

Airlines are the biggest polluters of Air, noise and water, discuss.

Safety in Aviation

Risk Management in Aviation

Airport Security system

Airport Security

Aircraft maintenance

ATP 1500 hours requirement and why it was implemented

Commercial Airlines and Airport Partnerships

Role of human error in Air accidents

accident investigation Model

Aeromedical Perspective of Human Performance

Air traffic control

Advantages and disadvantages of hub and spoke

analysis of Airlines

Model of Air Crash

Ergonomics in AirAirplanes

The effect of Airport congestion on Customer satisfaction

Airlines booking and tickets

Occupational Safety and Health practice in the Aviation Industry

Workplace Safety Management for Flight Crew Members

Occupational heat exposure and noise exposure among Airline employees

Fall Management and Safety for Aviation Employees

Prevention of Ebola, SARS and Seasonal Flu in Airports

Human factors in Aircraft Management

Prohibition in Aviation

Vigilance Management in Aircraft Operationss

Safety and Health issues in Aircraft maintenance

Turnover Rates in Airlines

OSHA Standards for Airports

Airport Safety Tips for Employees

Take-away Mandate for Flight Attendants

Communication errors in Aviation

Effects of Legislations in Airlines

Caffeine use in Aviation

Sleep patterns and fatigue in the Aviation Industry

Tension in the Aviation Industry

The impact of Airline route Development on Airport costs

Cost-benefit analysis of commercial Airport and Airline partnerships

Benefits of state-owned Airlines

People's perception and attitude towards the next generation of Air transport

Development of Green Airports

The link between Customer satisfaction and Airport Safety and Security

Accommodation of people with disabilities in AirAirAirplanes

How to reduce casualties during a AirAirplane Crash

Quarantine facility in Airports

Cognitive decision making Models in Aviation

Flight scheduling and route Management

Effects of privatization of Airports

women in military Aviation

The role of Aviation in emergency Management: a case from Australia

Pilot selection Process

carbon monoxide poisoning in Aviation

Aircraft maintenance Operationss

Occupational Hazards in Aircraft Hangars

Exposure to Health hazards by Aircraft maintenance Officers

Role of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the Aviation Industry

Human factors in Cockpit design

Sleep inertia and AirAirplane Crashes

Four P's in-Flight deck Operations

Vertigo in Aviation

Fatigue Risk Management System

Effect of bird attack on Airlines

big AirAirplane effect

Weight Management and Control in Commercial Aviation

The role of Cabin Crew on Aircraft Safety procedures

Human factors for accident investigation

Design and Operations of green Aviation

economic impact of Aviation

Pastel Analysis of the Aviation Industry

Effects of Brexit on the Aviation Industry

Development of alternative energy for the Aviation Industry

Sustainable Energy in Aviation

CSR Activities for Airlines

Case Study of the Best Airlines

How Airlines enhance Customer experience and Customer satisfaction

Airport Security Management and control

Effects of secondary Airports

The future of low cost carriers

Integrated Aircraft technology and the future of Aviation

value-driven Aircraft design

The ethics of using UAVs

Effects of Aircraft De-icing

Human factors in Air traffic control systems

Advances in Air Traffic Management

The role of the Civil Aviation Administration of China

The Boeing Company and its Security Operationss

How gender affects Communication in the Cockpit

Effects of Airport automation

Risks and benefits of private AirAirplanes

How to Get a Flight Charter for Commercial AirAirAirplanes

Risk Management in Airports

Basics of Aviation Law

Aviation law and order in the Aviation Industry

How Pilots and Crew members communicate effectively with Passengers

New Aircraft technology as a promise of Flight Safety

Tesla's Space X and the Future of Aviation and Aeronautics

basic Aircraft structure

History of the Aviation and Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

Procedure for Emergency and Disaster Management in Aviation

Technology Applications in Airport Operationss

Security Protocol for VIPs in International  Airports

Decision making Process for Pilots and Cabin Crew

Air Crash Investigation Process

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance  

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Airport Management

International  Aviation Insurance

Simulation in Aircraft maintenance and Pilot Training

Stowaways on AirAirplanes and the impact on Airport and Airline Security

Crash Survival Design Through Virtual Reality And Simulation

Diet effect on Effectiveness of Pilots

Effects of sleeplessness on Cabin Crew

Border Security in US Airports and Canadian Airports

Border Security in US Airports and Canadian Airports

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