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Primary Teacher 


Online Primary Teachers 

Number of Vacancies: 12  [Part Time] 

Student Level: 

Elementary, Middle School

Eligible Candidates:

Fresher Teacher, College/University Faculty, University Graduate, Vocational/Technical Instructor

Eligibility :

1)     Female Candidates Only 

2)     Graduate  

3)     Age 18 to 35 years  

4)     Clear PPT Presentation On Zoom and  2 Rounds of Online Interview with HR / CEO / Director 


Education Required: Bachelor

Major: Elementary, Primary Education or a related field

No Teaching Experience needed 

Digitally Literate and very Comfortable with Online Environment

Documentation Requirements:

A copy of your relevant Certificate / Degree

A copy of your Driving License (if applicable)

A copy of any Government issued picture ID (ex. Driving License/Passport)

Job Benefits:

Ability to work remotely

Flexible working hours

Competitive Per hour Pay for Online Tutoring 

Job Description:

Looking for an Exciting but less Rewarding Work-from-Home job that offers Flexible Working Hours and a very Small Competitive Salary? 

Then it’s time to join Our  fast-growing Team of Online Primary Teachers! [Alfa Group]  is NOT looking for any very Experienced Educators But Looking for Passionate Teachers and University Graduates with NO experience teaching Primary to tutor students online from the comfort of their own home during evenings and weekdays.  

The Ideal Team member is Kids Friendly, Smiling, Enthusiastic, Self Motivated, Tech Savvy, and loves working with Small Cute Kids and adults alike.

Tutoring on  is easy. Students can schedule sessions   from anywhere with an Internet connection using your Laptop or Computer.

Job Offer:

All Virtual Primary Teachers will be working for initial 3 Months on Per PPT Assignments, After 3 Months' duration depends on performance and consistency they might be considered for full-time Permanent Employment on the recommendation of the Director.  The Ideal Team member must be very  Kids Friendly, Smiling, Enthusiastic, Self Motivated, Tech Savvy, and Enjoy working with Small Cute Kids and adults alike.

Interested candidates should sign up by creating a  profile on the WhatsApp 

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  +91 9977513452 

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Dept :   Online Primary Teachers

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[Our HR Team will contact you in 1/2 Weeks with further process, as Enquiry Volume is very High these days due to Pandemic]

#Req all Applicant *Do not Send Any Attachments*  [PDF / CV/ Doc ] 

Manbir Kaur [Aero Engineer] 

Director [Business Development]  

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Spandana H [ BE, MBA Aviation]

Aviation Manager

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.  


Indrani Roy [MBA ICFAI]

Manager HR

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

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