Become a well Organised Person and Professional #Anshu Aggarwal

Become  a well Organised Person and Professional

#Anshu Aggarwal 
🤔Advice about Becoming a well Organised Person and Professional

Organizational skills are some of the most important proficiencies you can have as an employee. Being organized will allow you to meet deadlines, minimize stress and carry out your duties more efficiently. To learn how improving your organizational skills can affect your work performance, you need to know what this skill set entails. In this article, we look at different types of organizational skills, suggest what you can do to improve your skills and discuss how to highlight organizational skills on a resume or in a job interview.
WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN - If we solely try to depend on our brain then let me tell you we are tend to forget something or other. So rather than doing than do write it down whatever comes in your mind.
CATEGORIES YOUR NOTES - When you write it down the things which came into your mind, then you can categories it according to your priorities or according to headpoints like Family, work, personal, healthcare, relationship.
START USING PLANNERS/ CALENDARS/ BULLET JOURNAL - It is to track your working. Obviously don't make a confusion by using all of them and keep it minimalistic as possible. This bullet journals will take shape of your brain.
CREATE YOUR TIDY UP PRACTICE- Do deep cleaning of your workplace, hous, By cleaning your environment. (G.Y.S.T. - get your s**t together) . It's necessary because our environment plays a big role in our state of well being. Though consciously or cognitively we don't pay attention to our atmosphere but our body do.
ORGANIZE YOUR FINANCIAL MATTERS - Put reminders on your phone's or calendars or planner about your insurance policy payments, rent payments, maintenance payments. Keep check whether your ECS( Electronic clearing system) is cutting properly from your accounts or not.
DECLUTTER YOUR TECHNOLOGY- Most important is unsubscribe to those emails which are of no use at all to you so that your email will be have only important things rather than having piles of spam mails or advertising mails. Delete those screen shot which serves nothing to you now. Delete those contacts which you don't need on daily basis. ( You can write it down in one dairy for emergency) . Declutter those YouTube downloads which you have seen already.
HAVE A PASSWORD LOG - In the era of technology where we operate things online most of the times but as said earlier their is possible (200% in my case) that we tend to forget username or password. So for that keep handwritten notes of your username and password of different accounts at one diary. And guyz keep it safe obviously without saying.
CREATE A ROUTINE USING HABIT STACKING- I have written answer for that so do check it.

Anshu Aggarwal
HR Manager
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