International Academic Coordinator & Counselor



*Academic Coordinator & Counselor*

✔ Developing #Influential Business Strategies 

Only for Organic Lead Generation.

✔ To Oversee BtoB Clients and B2C Customer 

Service and finding ways to ensure customer retention.

✔ To Formulate an Online Business Strategy, 

Promoting or Developed All the Brands.

✔ Formulate Online Strategies for Building Awareness 

about the product with the Target Audience.

✔ Generate new Business Opportunities 

in 40 Designated Countries 

✔ Strengthen Social Media Presence 

and the Organic Result by Analysing 

Performance and Activities.

✔ Develop Business Strategies, 

Online and social reputation Management.

✔ Responsible for 

Online Marketing, Content Generation, 

✔ Create Productive Methods to generate more 

Organic results in the form of 

Search Engine Optimisation.

Please share the details on 

+91 9977513452


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