Online International Aviation Career Counseling

Online International Aviation Career Counseling 

To all the students who wants to Touch the Sky and live the life of Your own PASSION!

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd brings Aviation Career Counseling to guide your career as Pilot/Cabin Crew/Ground Staff/Aerospace Engineer/Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India and Abroad. We are a team of Aviation Professionals, successfully mentoring hundreds of students and guiding through their career in aviation. 

Aviation welcomes those who love to fly and travel. It is a dream which never dies. The passion never wears off.  We welcome those who are looking to explore the world and love to tour. A journey from east to west and north to south. The entire world becomes your business hub and aircraft your office. For those who love to explore: Breakfast in London, Lunch in Paris and Dinner in New York. We call those who would like to see the real world out there and ready to live lush obtaining endless skills -

 Mahjabeen Khatoon, Mahjabeen Khatoon is an Aviation Professional, a Customer Service Expert and an effective Trainer/Instructor. She carries over 13 years of airline expertise. She started her aviation career with the renowned 5-star international airline, Qatar Airways situated in Doha, Qatar, Middle East. She has also worked with Dubai based international airline FlyDubai. Having flown as a senior cabin crew with Indigo Airlines encapsulates the national and global customer familiarization. With core international exposure plus a dash of domestic shade and have worked with colorful nationalities made her proficient In-Flight server. Further, with the passion she became a FAA certified aircraft dispatcher from the Institute of Flight Operations & Dispatch, Dallas, Texas. With years of flying experience as an efficient cabin crew she proved to be an efficacious mentor and counsellor. She works to impart knowledge in regard to airline industry where she trains on safety & emergency procedures, first aid, soft skills and interview skills. She has also worked with recruitment as a screening interviewer for international and domestic airlines. Mahjabeen thrives to expand with aviation industry growth as her love for aircrafts and travel across the globe gives the fuel to it.

The Engine is the Heart of an Airplane, but the Pilot is Soul 

- Capt Shekhar Gupta

Capt Shekhar Gupta is a Professional Pilot with more than 8 years of Flying on 14 different types of Aircrafts in 10 different countries with accident free record. He trained more than 350 pilots who are flying worldwide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association [USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics[UK], Delhi flying club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP flying club Bhopal, Aeronautical Research Society. He is an active member of a micro Business Mission set up by Govt of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada. He has published Author of many books “Pilot Career Guide” “Cabin Crew Career Guide” “Be an aviator not a pilot” “Aviation Motivational Quotes”. He is a Co Founder of more than 60 Start-Ups in India and Abroad.

I heard an Airplane passing overhead. I wish I was on it 

- Er Manbir Kaur an Aerospace Engineer. 

She had the problem when she wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer . She is the 1st Generation Aerospace Engineer  in her family. No One was there to guide her “How to Become an Aerospace Engineer ”

Born and brought up in New Delhi. She has completed Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Chandiagrh University. She has developed proficiency in the area of design and analysis during her internship at Cadd Centre. In addition to this, she has learnt  to operate the Diamond DA 42 Aircraft Simulator in her institution. Manbir Kaur  is well equipped with the knowledge of various Aviation domain and specific courses along with basic subjects like Aircraft Structure and Design, Aircraft Propulsion Technology, Aerodynamics, Aerospace Materials, Missile Guidance and Navigation, Finite Element Method, Helicopter Aerodynamics, Supersonic Aerodynamics, Space Engineering, Flight Dynamics, Computational Mechanics, Aircraft Systems and Instruments, Avionics, Aircraft Production Technology and Rocket Propulsion.

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