Work to Win

 Work to Win

There was a frog, who climbed a tree! All his family and friends surrounded the tree and were loudly “rippiting (sound a frog makes)”. As the story goes, the frog was deaf! While his family and friends were stopping him, the deaf frog thought they were cheering him and kept climbing with double the enthusiasm. Eventually, he reached the topmost branch! The frog’s interpretation of his environment was empowering. 

We don’t need to be deaf, but definitely how we perceive our environment matters a lot – a threat or an opportunity? This is the first golden rule to win.

Here are my other learnings, that made me work to win across industries:

1) Know your job profile well – Not just what you do and how you do, but also WHY you do. Unless you understand the purpose of your tasks, you might mechanically do them, without understanding if they are relevant

Two men were told to push a cupboard. Both were on opposite sides of the cupboard, which was placed in the center of an entrance. Each of them pushed the cupboard with all their strength, but it did not move a bit. Finally, their supervisor arrived. He noticed that one of them pushed the cupboard inside the room while the other tried to push it outside the room with the same might! Clearly, the purpose was unclear and hence there was no result

WHY will help you connect your work with the larger organizational purpose/picture. You can identify and stop redundant/irrelevant activities

2) Since you understand the importance of your work, you will avoid unplanned absenteeism 

3) Evaluate your work on your own. Improve your productivity by timing yourself while doing different tasks, without compromising on quality. Try to change the sequence of tasks or bring in small changes in the way you execute your tasks to add value to your work and help business 

4) Seek help when needed, proactively. Negotiate deadlines much ahead of time, if need be 

5) If you have improvement suggestions, share them with your managers 

6) Always listen to the feedback you get without defending. Work on the feedback received. Ask questions, seek guidance. Thank people who invest in your growth 

7) Be on top of your game. Read more about  major trends in the industry you are in 

8) Read something new daily, on any topic (5-10 minutes)


9) Be courageous to take a stand and speak up, if you have to, using the right channels. Avoid gossiping 

10)  Connect with people. A sense of belonging and team bonding makes your work environment less stressful 

11)  Take extra responsibilities. Be willing to learn more. It will improve your self-esteem and prepare you for the next role 

12)  If you happen to be a business owner, your success mantra is to provide:

  •  A nurturing environment with a clear vision/goals

  • Trust your team. Empower them. Be approachable

  • Provide periodic reviews and fair appraisals

  • Welcome feedback through surveys

  • Establish clear lines of communication

  • Transparent operations

  • Create a culture of appreciation.

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