Best MBA Colleges in Canada

 Best MBA Colleges in Canada

MBA applications in Canada  these are the top 4 B-school recommendations in Canada: 

Rotman School of Business: 

The 2 year MBA program offered by the University of Toronto, is the most sought after and the most competitive program in Canada. I would suggest this school to someone who has a strong background in finance or wants to transition to finance. While the average GMAT is ~670, it’s imperative to have a GMAT score above 710+ to make your profile more academically strong.

York Schulich School of Business: 

The school offers two 20-months program options to students. The full-time MBA program in Toronto and the India MBA program. The average GMAT score is nearly 660. I would suggest the India MBA program to someone who is looking at a cheaper MBA option. The 1st year of the program is held in India and the final year is held in Canada, which gives the student an option to graduate with a B-school degree not only at a cheaper cost but also get experience in two countries.

Sauder School of Business: 

This 16-month MBA program is offered by the University of British Columbia, one of the top universities in Canada. The average GMAT score is nearly 650. I would suggest this to someone who is looking to work in the city of Vancouver, which is very close to the US border. One will also find a lot of Indians in this program. Nearly 77% of UBC Saunder’s faculty are from countries other than Canada.

Ivey Business School: 

While the school offers a 12-month MBA program, this is one of the best schools in Canada known for its case-based curriculum. Throughout the program, students get a chance to work on over 200+ case studies. I recommend this school to students who have at least 3+ years of work experience and want to make the most of the program through their case-based and peer learning-focused curriculum.

While there are many more universities, these are some of the most competitive schools in India. I would recommend you to get your profile evaluated by Leverage Edu to first get an assessment of the best-fit schools according to your work experience and goals. Profile evaluation is the key to amplify your efforts in the right direction.

Here are documents required for the application process:

Academic record: It includes all documents related to your graduate program.

Standard admission tests: GMAT scores and English language proficiency test (TOEFL / IELTS) scores.

Bank statements and financial documents.

Work experience: Documents highlighting your work experience.

Letter of Recommendation from your existing and previous supervisors. It can be your current and previous managers/supervisors and your graduate faculty who have judged your work closely.

Admission Essay or Statement of Purpose: It is one of the key elements of the application. This helps the admissions committ

Visa Process: Documents related to visa.

In case you want to enquire about specific course or university then you may DM me as well. Moreover, you can look up this link for more detailed information. I find this really useful and hope you’ll like it too. 

Requirements to study MBA in Canada;

Student must have bachelor's degree from a well recognized institute.

Student must have proof of relevant work experience. (if any).

Proof of English language proficiency test is compulsory.

GMAT score card is necessary to reserve seat in top Canadian University.

Process duration to apply for MBA admission in Canadian University;

Process of applying for MBA in Canada is very time consuming so apply at least 7–8 months before to get admission in target intake. Admission form can be downloaded from the official websites of the colleges and universities.

Required documents

Student must have academic record including all documents of graduation.

Test score card of Standard Admission Tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Fund proof and bank statements to support your stay in Canada.

Work experience proof (if any)

Don't forget to attach letter of recommendation.

Statement of purpose is also required by admission committee to evaluate your application.

Attach all the related documents related to visa.

Process for MBA in Canada:

Here are some of the steps to follow during the application process:

Request for application forms via email. Many universities also have the downloadable versions. Fill in the necessary information that is required and send it back to the university.

Submit attested copies of mark sheets. Some colleges may require mark sheets from all the colleges that you’ve attended. The mark sheets must be sealed, signed and attested by the registrar.

GMAT or TOEFL scores must be submitted.

Submit a resume highlighting your work experience and achievements. Details of your position and experience must also be given.

Recommendation letters from teachers and employers must be sent.

Statement of purpose must be written by the applicant and the reason for choosing the specific course. It should state your goals and interests.

How to get MBA admission in Canada and other admission criteria

To increase your chances of gaining admission in Canada, students must know a few key points. Most universities require a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 to 3.5 which is approximately 70%+ in the undergraduate degree. Students must score high on the GMAT. The minimum score ranges from 500 to 600 depending on the institution. TOEFL is also compulsory for most universities. The minimum TOEFL score ranges between 550 to 600 (Paper based test) and 213 to 250 (Computer based test). IELTS is accepted by some universities.

Professionals must request recommendation letters from their employers. In addition, academic letters should be requested by professors who know the students very closely. The teacher or professor must also mention his/her designation and how long he/she has known the candidate and in what context. In many cases, teachers are asked to rank the student. This makes it easier to assess the credentials of foreign students. The recommendation letters must have sufficient information as many application forms may get rejected, if the recommendation letters do not have sufficient information.

The statement of purpose is one of the most important documents. It is the first impression of you as an individual. A statement of purpose is considered good, you describe yourself well and you provide convincing reasoning for choosing the particular university or course for which you are applying. Such a letter will give you the much needed edge.

Most schools have their own formats of recommendation letters and statement of purpose. It’s always best to ask the concerned university authorities about important information that they require, if in doubt.

Get consultation if not confident in the application process

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