Be a Job Giver Rather Job Seeker Manisha Rewani

Be a Job Giver Rather Job Seeker

Manisha Rewani 

Many youths get inspiration from this saying. However, for an individual to be a job giver in true sense is not the child's play. Providing a job to someone is like bearing responsibility as well. Merely hiring someone just for their own benefit is not to be a job giver. Suppose a person hire a driver on a monthly salary of ten thousand. Compel him to work for ten hours a day and even on holidays. Suppose after two months he finds another driver who is willing to work on eight thousand, or suppose he himself learnt to drive and no longer requires a driver he will simply kike the hired driver out. This person could not be termed as a job giver, he has simply exploited a needy person for his own benefit.

To be a job giver in true sense one should recruit the employee agreeing on certain written conditions. If one hires an employee following proper salary, proper leave, fixed working hours, benefit of provident fund, insurance etc. then only one can be termed as job giver in true sense. Otherwise one is just exploiting the other for the lure of money.

President Ram Nath Kovind Sunday said the potential in the youth of the country should be tapped to make them job givers instead of job seekers. After inaugurating the Economic Democracy Conclave organised by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, a charitable organisation located at Uttan Village in Thane, the President said skills should be imparted and a conducive ecosystem provided to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship among the youth. “The youth should emerge as ‘job givers’ and not ‘job seekers’,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advisor for the ``Make in India’’ scheme M.B. Athreya exhorted students to be job creators and not job seekers here on Saturday.

Addressing students on ``Youth Awakening Day’’ to mark the 85th birth anniversary of APJ Abdul Kalam at the Cape Engineering College near Anjugramam, Dr. Athreya motivated the students to work hard to realise the national mission of ``Make in India’’.

Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said in order to boost business enterprises in the country, children must be taught to become “job givers” and not “job seekers”,

“If our students only run in the direction of jobs in the corporate or IT sector, then who will create jobs in the country? Who will give an upward push to the economy of the country?”

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