Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn

Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn

There are  around 600 Million  users of LinkedIn, globally. That’s a whole lot of Networking, Connecting and Prospecting Professional Opportunities. As  a well-considered, impactful LinkedIn presence is going to benefit most Professional Plans and activities.

Despite such potential benefits, there remain few Misconceptions about the use of this Amazing Platform. Here are few  most common ones. You may  often see people struggling to make the most out of their LinkedIn presence due to certain Myths and Misconceptions about this Amazing Platform called LinkedIn..

Some of them are :

❌Myth :  LinkedIn Only Has People Looking for Work.

✅Truth: LinkedIn Has all People  for Freelancers, Coaches, SEO SMM Agency Owners, and Consultants and also Looking for Work.

❌Myth :  Send Connection Requests Only to Known People

✅Truth: You can Add  all Freelancers, Coaches, SEo SMM Agency Owners, and Consultants.

❌Myth :  You Don't Need to Fill Out Your Whole Profile

✅Truth: You Do  Need to Fill Out Your Whole Profile and make it as Powerful as possible

❌Myth :  You Can Treat LinkedIn Like Social Media 

✅Truth: You Can't Treat LinkedIn Like Social Media, Its a Misconceptions about this Amazing Platform called LinkedIn

❌Myth :  You Shouldn't Write Directly to Recruiters 

✅Truth: You Must Write Directly to Recruiters on Linkedin and otherwise as they needs you as much as you need a Job.  

❌Myth :  If Someone Approaches You via LinkedIn InMail, It's Legitimate.

✅Truth: No You needs to be smart enough.

❌Myth :  If Someone Approaches You via LinkedIn InMail, It's Legitimate.

✅Truth: No, Not Ever

❌Myth : You need a large following to be successful on LinkedIn.

✅Truth: While having a large following can certainly help, it's not necessary for success on LinkedIn. It's better to focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience.

❌Myth : LinkedIn is only for job seekers.

✅Truth: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to build their brand and network with potential clients, partners, and investors.

❌Myth : LinkedIn is just a digital resume.

✅Truth: LinkedIn is more than just a platform to showcase your work experience. It's a platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise, and to connect with others in your industry.

Focus on Building Meaningful Relationships, Create Valuable Content, and Leveraging LinkedIn's Platform to grow your Business.

EXCLUSIVE for Freelancers, Coaches, SEo SMM Agency Owners, and Consultants.

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Here 👉🏻  Advantages of  LinkedIn 

The Advantages of  Freelancing #wfh

You would be the sweetest person on this planet.

You would consider others happiness as your prime motive.

You would be super confused.

You would feel you aren't loved enough. But you would always pour extra love for your people.

You would be always available for others.

Dance would be the only reason to survive.

You would find joy in the smallest of things.

You would always look hot.

You would be super stylish.

You would hate wearing jewellery. This way you ll save a lot of money, time and pain.

You would know the red flags easily.

You will have minimum people in your life. No unnessary drama.

Also, you would love your smile.

Tech Dot-Com start-Ups Sample and Example

AviaTech : Aviation + Technology


BlogTech : Blog + Technology

BioTech: Biology + Technology

CabTech: Cab + Technology 

CleanTech: Clean + Technology

DevTech: Development + Technology

DirTech : Directory + Technology 

EdTech: Education + Technology

FinTech: Finance + Technology

FoodTech: Food + Technology

FemTech: Female + Technology


GreenTech: Green + Technology

HealthTech: Health + Technology


InsurTech: Insurance + Technology



LegalTech: Legal + Technology

MediTech: Medical + Technology



PropTech: Property + Technology


RetailTech: Retail + Technology

RegTech: Regulation + Technology



WealthTech: Wealth + Technology

A to Z  Tech Dot Com Companies 

Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn, Myths and Misconceptions about  LinkedIn

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