Capt Shekhar Gupta Best Career Counsellor at Airport Road Indore

Capt Shekhar Gupta  Best Career Counsellor at Airport Road Indore

Meet Captain Shekhar Gupta: A Vigorous and Dynamic Force in the Aviation Industry

In the bustling realm of the aviation industry, there exists a remarkable individual who has not only soared through the skies but also reached great heights in the world of entrepreneurship. Captain Shekhar Gupta, often referred to as the Best Career Counselor at Airport Road Indore, is a name synonymous with excellence and innovation. With unwavering confidence, he asserts, "To excel in life, we ought to stretch the dimensions of our creative thinking and put our energies into the work we love."

Captain Shekhar's journey in the aviation industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has made an indelible mark by founding 'Asiatic International Corp [formerly AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd],' a groundbreaking aviation startup aimed at nurturing the aspirations of young aviation enthusiasts.

This world-renowned flyer possesses impeccable skills and qualities that make him the epitome of talent, skills, and wisdom. Let's take a closer look at his exceptional contributions to the aviation sector.

Embarking on a Journey with AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon in the aviation industry, being the only startup that covers diverse domains of aeronautics, including Air Charters, Pilot Training, and Aviation HR Services. Under its umbrella, it offers services such as Aviation Apps, Aviation Books, Aviation Blogs, Aviation Lead Generation, Aviation Link Building, Aviation Expo, Aviation B2B, Aviation B2C, Aviation SEO/SMM, and Aviation Management Internships for IIT and IIM students exclusively.

The client base of Asiatic International Corp [formerly AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] spans various categories, catering to Air Charters for tycoons, Pilot Training for aspiring pilots, and Aviation HR Services for AME, cabin crew, and pilots. Additionally, the company provides Aviation Blogs, Aviation Lead Generation, and Aviation Link Building services. Furthermore, it offers Management Internships exclusively for IIT and IIM students.

Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce, Captain Shekhar's organization conducts regular workshops and training sessions, providing paramount support to its team. This dedication to nurturing talent has led to the creation of a formidable team capable of delivering invaluable services.

Research and development are the lifeblood of Asiatic International Corp [formerly AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd], ensuring continuous growth and the delivery of flawless services. As Captain Shekhar aptly puts it, "To soar, one needs to dream big and live with it to turn it into reality."

The Rise of an Exemplary Pilot

Captain Shekhar Gupta, the CEO of Asiatic International Corp, is not just a seasoned entrepreneur but also a professional pilot with over eight years of experience flying 14 different types of aircraft in 15 countries. His remarkable feat of maintaining an accident-free flying record in the history of aeronautics speaks volumes about his extraordinary talent and dedication.

He began his flying career at Sky Cabs in Colombo and worked tirelessly for numerous Airlines Training Companies worldwide. To date, he has intensively trained more than 350 pilots who now fly with impeccable expertise around the globe.

Captain Shekhar is an active member of various aviation-related organizations, including the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association in the United States of America, Royal Society of Aeronautics in the UK, Delhi Flying Club, MP Flying Club in Bhopal and Indore, among others. His frequent travels on renowned airlines like American Airlines, Air India, British Airways, and more, have solidified his reputation as a distinguished member of the aviation community.

In addition to his flying prowess, Captain Shekhar's passion extends to aviation SEO & blogs. He conducts intensive classes for IIT and IIM students in India and abroad, with the aim of imparting his knowledge and expertise. He has also launched, a platform designed to provide virtual air charter services.

A Multifaceted Author and Visionary

Captain Shekhar Gupta's literary endeavors are equally impressive, with numerous books on aviation and management to his name. His works, including "P – Productivity S – Speed R – Relevancy," "Be an Aviator Not a Pilot," "Pilot’s Career Guide," and "Cabin Crew Career Guide," are available on Amazon and Smash World.

His journey has been inspired by the likes of Captain Gopinath, Co-Founder of Air Deccan, who taught him that to be successful in life, one must be observant, proactive, and willing to go beyond the call of duty, constantly seeking a holistic perspective.

Contributing to Society with a Noble Vision

Captain Shekhar Gupta is acutely aware of the pressing issues facing society, both in India and globally. He is particularly passionate about addressing deforestation, a significant contributor to environmental crises. To combat this issue, AirCrews Aviation has initiated a CSR project called "AlfaGreen" to promote in-house plantation. They also own "Alfa Agro Tech Research Center," a farm located in Gram Gunawad, District Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, dedicated to promoting organic agriculture.

The company's commitment to the noble cause extends to its association with the Robin Hood Army, demonstrating its dedication to excellence and growth in all endeavors.

Incredible Achievements and Future Prospects

AirCrews Aviation's footprint of excellence in the aviation industry is evident through its co-founder status in multiple startups such as,,,,,,,,, and This remarkable achievement underscores the company's dynamic approach and future prospects, including the innovative project, focused on virtual air charter services.

Captain Shekhar's inspirational journey is set to be immortalized in a forthcoming book, offering insights into the challenges and achievements he has encountered along the way. His parting words are a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of effort and vision: "Life is full of adversities, but the warrior is the one who stands courageously and faces them fearlessly."

A Message of Wisdom for Business Connect Readers

For the readers of Business Connect, Captain Shekhar Gupta has a treasure trove of wisdom to impart. He encourages them to be observant, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile, fostering a holistic perspective and surpassing the call of duty. As we flip through the pages of this esteemed magazine, let Captain Shekhar's words inspire us to reach new heights in our own journeys.

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