Career Guidance after Class XII.

Career Guidance after Class XII.

What to do after XII is a mostly sought question by all students. Few take decision from their parents , Few from relatives, Few  choose courses to presue studies with their friends, Few take decisions by themselves, some with a help of a career expert etc. A career goal will also guide a student into doing what they want . It will help them discover career possibilities. A student’s career goal is based on their skills and interest, career possibilities and the job market.  It is important to get into the career of their choice to ensure that they enjoy work.

There are many colleges and the word college brings many thoughts to mind. The choice of which college to choose, which stream to proceed only increases after 12th and that mainly depends on the scored marks in class XII .  There are many options a) Remain the same stream and choose higher studies, b) Appearing in Entrance exam to choose a stream, c) Change the stream for higher studies, d) choose a professional course e) choose a vocational course etc.

Choices in professional field include technical courses like Engineering, Architecture, Law, Medicine . Each and every technical courses have their own field of specialization. For example in engineering we have Mechanical, Aeronautical, Marine, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electrical , Instrumentation etc. Likewise we have various options in each and every field.

For a student in science stream there hundreds of career options . One of the major advantages as to why students take up science is that they can switch to humanities or even commerce later on . In the stream of commerce there are lot of options. They can specialize in chartered accountancy, business management, E commerce. Few Students would like to take up academics to build your career in the scholastic discipline, others might love to experiment with vocational courses in the field of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, computers, hospitality management or business administration after sorting through a wide range of career alternatives. 

Enthusiastic students can take up courses in fashion technology, jewelry design, aviation, radio jockey, packaging or industrial design. Apart from these courses there are fashion design courses, Event Management courses, Mass communication courses , Foreign language courses, Acting courses, Beautician Courses, Dance Courses, Entrepreneurship courses,  Hotel management courses, Audio Visual Media Courses.

In order to get rid of all the confusions, what you need to do is to analyze your interests, personality and aptitude. It is said that if you do career planning based on your aptitude, interest and personality type, the success rate as well as satisfaction rate will be very high. XII Is your turning point, you will have to decide clearly where you want to see yourself in future. It is very important to take an important career decision. Making a good career choice at the right time will bear fruitful results for you later . Follow your passion and you will never feel like you work in your life.

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