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The transmutation in computers and information technology has increased the requirement of designing and developing of new computer software systems and incorporating new technologies into newer applications . A software engineer has one of the most in-demand, lucrative careers in the world.  The number of individuals presently employed in this profession is almost double than any other computer profession.  From design to development, testing to troubleshooting, computer software engineers use their ability with applications and systems software to create the elements that make computers work.   Individuals in these computer careers may be employed by companies such as Microsoft or Adobe to develop retail software packages. Or they may work instead for a general business (or as a consultant to a general business) where they develop custom, proprietary software or adapt a retail package to meet specific business needs.  The range of software engineer depends on the size of the organization.

Many people prefer to call themselves software developer and programmer .The difference between a software engineer and a software programmer speaks very much of the company's expectations. If a company is looking to hire a software programmer, they are seeking a person who writes code that will perform a specific set of functions, but if they are looking to hire a software engineer, they are much more looking for a person or a group of people who are smart, with good communication (both written and spoken), who can get things done, analyze and solve problems that will provide an entirely new system, which may go beyond simply programming to hardware selection and other issues.
Software Engineers are hired by Big IT giants such as Microsoft corporation, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, Apple Computers, Google, Yahoo, IBM, Tata consultancy services, Hewlett Packard, Accenture, HCL technologies, Huawei technologies, Philips, GE , DELL, INTEL etc..
In a recent study , it is mentioned that even if there are ample opportunities across the globe for a software engineer, countries like Australia, Canada, Finland, U.S, UK, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil stand first in providing work value and life quality .

Generally, the  promotional ladder for a software engineer would be , Trainee software engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Lead software engineer, Development Manager, Project Manager. This promotional hierarchy differs between companies. Packages for a software engineer, depends on his area of expertise and years of experience. Average pay scale in India for a Trainee / Entry software engineer is somewhere near Rs 3.5 lac per annum. This varies with companies.

A software engineer need to be focused all time in his career path . Sticking on to programming alone won’t be incremental he needs to keep himself updated with the latest systems and technique. He should be able to expand his horizons in  IT networking, AD, Mail servers , security and much more. If you have a passion for .NET, C, C++ , learning and gaining experience in that particular language would always be an added advantage.  It is not possible to switch from JAVA to  VB.NET coz its just another language .In Technology anything related to web and network applications is great. On Business side, anything related to healthcare, PAC systems, like Sieman’s technology works good. HL7 protocol is a big plus. Experience in all kinds of apps from PDP8 assembler right up to LINUX and UNIX device drivers is an added advantage . Coding is just a basic entry job for a software engineer, he will turn into flying colors with the passion he has towards his work, by learning new languages, enhancing his engineering skills etc  . 

If you are looking for longer term success in your career, your best bet would be to dig in and become deep at the technology stack you selected and enjoy.

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