Career After Class 10Th

" My parents want me to become a Doctor. So i will opt science."

       "My friends are opting for maths. So i too....."

       "I am confused what to choose...."

 Well , these are some thoughts which come and go in a students mind while choosing their stream after 10th. While most of the students are unaware of the fact that 10th is very crucial in a building a career.Sometimes  with confused mind they end up selecting a wrong stream which hamper their long term career prospects. Hence it is very important  for any student to choose correctly for betterment of their future.

   Self awareness and self interest helps in identifying his/her skills.To get it more clear , a student can visit some career counselor who can help to know the right stream after 10th which makes a significant improvement in one's career path. There are lots of opportunities in every field, one just needs to put all  his/her best efforts to make it successful. 

So choose wisely and all the best for your future.


Mili Chakravarty, 
Best Career Counsellor in Bhopal

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  1. career guidance is essential for all students to find out what they really want to do. I am looking for one too, hope you will be in contact !

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