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After enrolling myself as a professional career counselor, this is my first assignment for which i am really very excited. Here i had to counsel an engineering graduate who was working with an MNC, at Gandhinagar (Gujarat). She called me up at an odd hour of the day. She was emotionally very depressed and demotivated towards her job. She told me lack of enthusiasm in her current job assignment ( coding,  which she hates) makes it very difficult to continue with her job. She is desperately looking for a change, completely different from software field. And yes her parents live in Bhopal, so she wanted to come back to them.

      After giving an ear to her problem, i asked her about her area of interest to which she said teaching or something which can give her job satisfaction. So i have decided to counsel this girl, by giving her some best career options which can rise her enthusiam. 

      Teaching in which she is already very much interested can be a good option for her. Doing lecturership in a college and at the same time she can appear for NET or pursue Phd. Even Online teaching is very happening nowadays and can give her creative satisfaction. She can start this from any place of the world.

     Another field which i think can be beneficial for her could be Banking Sector. For this she doesn't have to stay far away from her native place.

    I hope these suggestions can help her taking a right decision for her future. 

      So I wish her all the best!!!!!

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