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What is the difference between Career Guidance | Career Counselling |  Career Planning?

Difference Between Guidance and Counseling Guidance vs Counseling While in Guidance the focus is made on listening to the problem, on which ready-made solution is given by the expert. Counseling aims at discussing and understanding the problem, advising and empowering him to take a Decision concerning his / her Career or Life Goals in one-to-one Sessions.

Career Planning

Career Planning plays an important role in the success. When the Plan is realistic and the goal is set according to your capability, you will be able to reach the heights you have desired to be at. This is considered to be the most important factor while a person is in search of a job or is Planning to set up his own business.

Career Planning is two different things that are closely related.

It can be searching for information to choose what Career is best for one to follow. The Career information is searched for pre-requisites like college classes or classes for a license in that field. It will inform you what the salaries are in this field, how many job openings are available and what are the opportunities for advancement.

In the second case it is searching in the field you are already a part of as how to advance and how to make more money. Does it pay for you to expend extra effort in your field or is it better to branch off into a similar Career that is more rewarding emotionally and monetarily for you? What changes in your life both at work and away from you job you will have to make to choose either choice? Or should you changes Careers completely?

In short it is Planning out your Career path 1-5 years in the future. Career Planning doesn't really stop. It is the ongoing operation of reinventing yourself through new experiences and new knowledge. Your initial Career Plan will most likely change, however it does help set the bar and allow you to get moving as opposed to standing still.

Whatever the choice is Planning is Part of the Process.

A One-Stop Platform which answers your What, Where, Why & How's of all your Career related questions. If you have any questions or doubt regarding any aspect of your Career, just login and ask your question. 

It’s an integrated solution to provide instant, accessible, 
flexible and affordable Career guidance and planning for you:

Career Guidance: Ask your questions and get on-demand Instant expert backed Career advices to all your Career queries.

College Planning: Plan your entire college studies (UG/PG) with the help of our unbiased Career Counselling service.
Study Abroad: Our Study Abroad Counsellors cahn help you plan out your overseas study, where to study and how to go about it.

Career Explorations: Your question answered by renowned Career Counsellor can become a very useful exploration tool for you.

Career Assessments: A series of Psychometric Career test for all levels to scientifically & holistically access your 
personality interests, aptitude, motivation and personality.

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