Best Indian Institutes for Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Indian Institutes for Pilot Training 

India’s FTOs [Flying Training organisations] have no official
Rating or certifications, so word of mouth is the only option.
As requested kindly find below the institutes for Pilot Courses in India -

How to Enter?

To enter any flying Institute you are required to clear an
written exam, Pilot Aptitude Test, Personal Interview and a
Medical Examination.

Also, the minimum age to apply for Pilot License, are as

Student Pilot License :16 years
Private Pilot License : 17 years
Commercial Pilot License :18 years

The Top 3 are 
Indian Institutes for Pilot Training

- IGRUA RaeBareli,
- NFTI Gondia
- APFT[GMR] Hyderabad.

All of them have a very High Standard and use the modern
Diamond Aircrafts compared to the cheaper and slightly inferior  Cessnas. Every other FTO in India uses Cessnas for Training.

IGRUA costs 35 Lacks but extremely difficult to get into; GMR  cosst same but entrance is relatively easier. NFTI costs almost  1 crore so I would not suggest it unless you have lots of Daddy’s money to blow.

After the Top 3  Next 3 
Flight Training Schools  in India
 Chimes Dhana,
MPFCs  [Bhopal and Indore],
Orient Mysore

Some  Good Flight Training Schools Abroad

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

CTC Wings (Europe)

Flight Safety Academy (USA)

Pan AM International Flying Academy

Singapore Flying College

Top Indian Flying Institutes

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi [IGRUA]

National Flying Training Institute [NFTI]

Established in 2007, NFTI is one of the nine Flying Schools
established by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, which is one of the best Flying Schools in the world. It is located at Gondia in  Maharashtra and is also sometimes referred to as CAE Oxford  Aviation Academy Gondia. Other locations in the world where CAE  has centres are Oxford, Amsterdam, Brussels, Hong Kong,  Melbourne, Perth, Phoenix and Rae Bareli in India.

NFTI Trains candidates on a modern Training fleet of DA 40 and  DA 42. Candidates are offered 19-month Pilot Training programs  which comprises of ground School courses which are in  accordance to instructions as laid out by the Directorate  General of Civil Aviation [DGCA] and International Civil  Aviation Organization [ICAO].

Madhya Pradesh Flying Club [MPFC]

This Flying club came into existence in 1951 and till 1982 it
maintained and operated Aircrafts belonging to the MP
Government. The club is also known to Train Indian Air Force  Pilots from time to time. MPFC has a fleet of Cessna -152/A,  Cessna -172R and multi engine six-seater Aircraft P-68C-TC and  Baron G58 for Training aspiring Pilots.

To view the course details and fee charged, click here.

Bombay Flying Club

OpeRating since 1928, the Bombay Flying Club is affiliated to  the Mumbai University and DGCA. The father of Aviation in  India, Mr. JRD Tata in February 1929 obtained his Pilot license  from this Flying School. The club has a fleet of PIPER PA18,  Cessna 152A, Cessna 172, Cessna172R [glass cockpit-like Airlines Aircraft cockpit]-Single Engine & Seneca [twin engine]  Aircraft.

This Flying School offers a BSc in Aviation/ Aeronautics degree  and apart from this interested candidates can even receive  Training in Aircraft maintenance engineering and cabin crew  Training.

These are some good Flying Schools in India. However, most  Flying courses and Training is very expensive to the tune of  over Rs 25 Lakh. So, you may want to consider taking a study  loan for it. Some good news here is that some states in the  country such as Bihar sponsor selected students to receive  Pilot Training at different state Flying Schools. So, research  well before you decide to take off.


10+2 / Hsc. / GCE ‘A’ Level [or equivalent with Maths
and Physics].

17 Years [should have completed 18 years for issue of D.G.C.A. licence]
Class I Medical Fitness Examination approved by
D.G.C.A. recognized Doctor.
        Air Regulation
        Air Navigation
        Technical General
        Technical Specific
        Radio Telephony

Ground Classes conducted in campus by D.G.C.A. approved,  qualified instructors appointed specifically for subjects.

200 hours flight Training – Dual & Solo on Single
Engine Aircraft, Dual & Solo cross country flight & night
Flying also includes Instrument Rating.
18 Months

Estimation of the Fees  -

1-] Ground School charges to clear 6 written exams [1.5 Lakhs]


2-] Flying Schools charges India /Abroad [27–30 Lakhs INR]

3-] Type Rating can be divided into two parts -

a] You do it yourself [15 Lakhs -20 Lakhs depending which
institute you go] [ No job guarantee, do it on your risk] . You
apply for a job after that when vacancy opens for type rated

b] You apply for a Job after a CPL and crack the written exams  and interviews and then company sends you for Type Rating on  there Aircraft [ B 737/ A 320/ Q 400/ ATR 72 ]. Company asks  you to pay the amount to them.

Charges are -

Jet Airways - 35 Lakhs includes Type Rating on B 737 and

Airline additional Training

Spice Jet - 45 Lakhs including type Rating and Airline Training

Indigo - 25 Lakhs includes type Rating on A320 and Airline

Vistara - 30 Lakhs rupees includes types Rating and Airline

Note- Company sends you only when you are selected as a JFO and your job is confirmed.

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    Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA), Rae Bareilly
    Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
    Indigo Cadet Training Program, (Hamilton, New Zealand &

    Hyderabad, India)
    Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology, Kerala
    Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC), Indore

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