Career Guidance After Class 10th [ What After 10th Class]

Career Guidance After Class 10th  [ What After 10th Class]

Some Students are gifted with a strong character and they know exactly  what they want to do when they grow up. For them the choice is very  clear. Some suggestions for Streams based on Career Options are  mentioned below.
Science Stream - For all types of Engineering, For all Streams in Medicine.
Commerce Stream - For Careers in acCounting, Finance, Marketing, Business and Economics  Humanities Stream - 
Economics, Education, Media, Politics etc.
Being aware of your aptitude and skills is not enough. You also need to know about the Streams as well.

Gain knowledge about the Streams
Acquiring self-knowledge is just one side of the coin, you need
to dig deeper. The next step is to know about the various Streams available. You need to pay attention to all the details about the Streams like their scope, future prospects and 
difficulty level. After weighing up the pros and cons, only should you choose the Stream that you can keep up with in the long run.
The 3 Major Streams are:
Arts / Humanities
Choosing a Career in a particular Stream  or profession right at this point of time has a long lasting impact on a  student's future. It is very important for any student to choose  Carefully 
from various Options available to he/she in which he/she is  interested. In order to achieve success, one has to select the path  which they like to walk on. Good judgment and right kind 
of aptitude  when coupled with guidance in the right direction to pick up a deFinite  Stream helps one in choosing the right Career Option.
So from the very beginning a student should be Careful in making choice of their Stream.
As soon as a student reaches 10th standard, some kind of pressure of  choosing a Career path linger in their mind. 
Because by then they are at  the edge of completing their school life and it is peak time to choose  ones Career path than ever before.
What are the Career Options are there After 10th Class Career Guidance After 10th Every year, Lot of students we see (almost 20–25% ) who are not actually capable of joining Science Stream still joins it and ending up wasting two important years of their life being failed or loose faith and confidence. Your life may not over by there but I want to convey that you life is important so don’t just 
waste your time.
Choose it only if you have truly interest in it. If you liked Science subject in your 10th and you are getting good Marks or you may have a lot of interest regarding Science then you 
are encouraged to join it.
But If you are not fulfilling any points stated above and still joining Science just because, your friends are joining it and you think that it will be better for you if you remain in your old friend circle then my dear friend I request you to change your mind set. You will make new friends anywhere you go. Your old friends will not be with you forever.
Get a comprehensive knowledge about the available Streams and then introspect yourself with respect to each field. This will help you decide the right Stream for yourself.
The Science Stream:
The Science Stream is often preferred by those who are aspiring to pursue professional courses after 12th. The primary subjects in Science Stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. Among other subjects, 
English is compulsory while the other language subject is left for choice. There are also practical labs along with theory, which calls for a lot of hard work for students in this Stream.
But, for your help here are the different Streams rather than Science:
Commerce Stream:
Commerce Stream is another good Option after 10th standard. If you are the one having strong mathematics and analytical abilities, then, Commerce would be the best choice for you.
Humanities / Arts Stream:
Humanities, Commonly known as the arts Stream, holds the widest scope of opportunities for students. While History, 
Geography, Political Science, and English are the core subjects, you can choose from a wide array of elective subject combinations, which include Economics, Psychology, Fine 
Arts, Sociology, Physical Education, literature subjects, etc.
First Stream is the Science Stream. You will study Biology (Botany, Zoology); Physics, Chemistry and Maths as your Major subjects here. It is mainly focused on students who want to study MBBS, BDS, and other Science degrees like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular biology, Bio chemistry and so on. As you are choosing Maths, you can also aim to study BSc Maths or statistics.

Next is the computer Science Stream. Students study in this Stream only to become Computer Engineers in future. They aspire working for IT sector that involves IBM, TCS, WIPRO, CTS and Infosys as Software engineers. If you want a Career in computer programming, coding, testing; then you can 
choose computer Science Stream.
Lastly Economics, Accounts, Commerce, Business maths comes. If you are good with Maths, you can choose this  Stream. Studying in this Stream you can pursue BA Economics, Bachelor of Commerce and so on. After your 
Bachelors, you can consider doing a CA (Chartered AcCountant) or MCom or MA Economics.

If you are still unsure what interests you, you can think of your 10th standard scores. In which subject did you score high in 10th and which subject you liked the most in 10th? See if that subject falls in Stream 1 or 2 or 3. Then understand the subject Stream and select the Stream accordingly. Its simple as that. If you want to study in a relaxed way, you can ignore the first Stream 'Biology'. It is mainly for students aiming to become Doctors. If you have interest in English, you can choose the 
third Stream and then join a college for BA English. You should check yourself what subject you like as of now, and with this 
subject what could you be in future. I am sure you could do this self analysis and please don't forget to use the personality test on this site. It will be of a great help to you. All the very best. 
Listen to your heart and mind: Decide what are your Strengths, weaknesses, short term goals, ambitions and your favorite subjects that you have excelled in. Analyze your aptitude and ask yourself questions like : 
Q. Do I like maths ? 
Q. Was I comfortable both in theoretical/ numerical Science ? 
Q. Did I like History or got bored of it and never really gave a 

The following are the steps that you need to take for choosing the right Stream after 10th class:

Analyze your interest and aptitude
Someone has rightly said that well begun is half done. The first and foremost step to choosing the right Stream after 10th class 
is to know which subject does your interest lie in and which Stream are you inclined towards.
But this analysis has to be realistic. You need to identify what you are good at and even bad and accordingly choose the Stream based on your Strength. If Mathematics and Economics are your strong subjects, then you can Opt for 
Commerce Stream. In case your interest lies in Social Science, then Humanities/Arts should be the Stream of your choice.

Science Stream is bifurcated into Medical (PCB) and Non Medical (PCM) stream.
PCB Streams
Medicine, is the most Common choice among students who Opt for PCB stream in class 12th. Within this field you can take up Careers in Dental studies, Surgery, Psychiatry, etc.
Besides, the traditional Career Options you can also look at Allied fieldssuch as Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Audiology, etc.
Next comes the Research oriented fields, which includes branches such as Microbiology, Zoology, Environmental Science, Biology, etc.
Other unique fields include, Home Science, Food and Nutrition, Marine Biology, Anatomy, etc.
2. PCM Streams
Just like after PCB, a lot of student take up Medical field, the most sought after course after class 12th for a PCM student is Engineering. There are various branches of Engineering such as Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, IT, etc.

if movies like Top Gun and Pearl Harbour fascinate you, then you can surely look at this field. There are broadly two routes to pursue this profession. 
First, Civil Aviation  (Commercial Pilot)  and Second, Indian Defense forces.
This brings me to the third Option, Defense Services. If you don’t wish to follow the mainstream Careers then this could be 
a great alternative Option. You can join Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Indian Army by writing NDA, AFCAT, INS, examination. You will not only get to serve your nation, but also 
become a class- I officer and get paid handsomely.
Architecture, if designing interests you, then you can surely look into this field. They help in designing the surrounding landscape and spaces. An Architect designs new buildings and make alteration to the existing buildings. To enter this field you need to clear JEE/ NATA.

Ethical Hacking, is an excellent new-age Career that is becoming increasingly in demand these days . Ethical hackers are individuals who are computer and networking experts. They 
identify potential threats on a computer or network and search for any weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers. To pursue this course, you need to register yourself with EC Council that provides a certification for Ethical Hacking. They also have a short training module to learn about 
Ethical Hacking, before you take the certification exam Merchant Navy, This is also a good Career Option for science 
students. You can get a B.Sc. in Nautical Sciences or join directly after 12th if you want to make this your Career
Besides this their are various Research orineted which are academically oriented such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.
3. Commerce
Commerce with Mathematics opens up a lot of Career avenues.
BBA, which stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. 
Under this course you will gain essential knowledge about the business principles and strategies as well as the fundamentals of administration. Bachelors of Commerce is the most sought after course that class 12th student’s purse after schooling. This course provides wide range of managerial skills.
Economics: Economics is an important discipline both for Career as well as from job point of view. With BA in Economics you can enter into different sectors like banking and finance, teaching, retail, stock and share brokering, FMCG, PR etc 
according to your personnel interest and attributes.
Besides, these you can also pursue various certification courses such as Actuarial Science, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, stock broking, etc.

4. Social Sciences & Humanities
Under social stream you can pursue fields such asMass Communication 
Hotel Management
You can also look at research oriented field such as Political Science, English, History, etc.

Make a decision
The Final step involves analyzing all the Options and then taking the right action. 

Consider your passion and area of interest, the scope of Streams and valuable insights of the experts and then reach a conclusion.

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