Career Options After Class 12th

Career Options After Class 12thxaminations.

At this point of time, Most of you must be calling your friends and asking them which course are they planning to pursue and from which college.If you are doing this. Just Stop. Ask this to yourself not your friend that "What do you want to do in future?". Asking yourself this question will better help you in making the right decision for your life. Pursue that course in which you have interest. Just because your friend is pursuing a particular course does not mean that you also have to pursue that course only. This is the very important decision that a student has to take in his life.

It's about making or more appropriately choosing your future career/life. Choosing the right course and college is the first step in chalking the career plan.

It's crucial since after the choice is made, there will be no turning back. But the problem is there are numerous options open for students and persuasions coming in from all directions, making choice of all the option is more challenging task. To get rid off the dilemma you can consult expert and seek their opinion.

Counselling may also help. We have the details on what are the career options available for students pursuing higher education after class 12 Board e

When it comes to career options after 12th, there are a wide range of options that you can choose from provided you scored good marks in class XII. While some of you might take up academics to build your career in the scholastic discipline, others might love to experiment with vocational courses after sorting through a wide range of career alternatives. Choices in the professional field include technical courses like engineering and architecture. It is important that students choose a suitable stream in class 12 to ensure that they are able to join the career of their choice after they complete the 12th grade. Very often students don’t know what career they want to take up and hence they choose a wrong stream in school. It is better to consult a career counselor before deciding on the subjects you take up in school. If you have humanities or arts background, you can qualify for a variety of creative courses as your career options after 12th. If you are planning further studies, take up a bachelor’s degree in any of the arts subjects. You could even learn a foreign language and aim for an interpreter’s job in the consulates and embassies. Some of the choices in this regard are French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese or Chinese. You can even prepare for the Indian Civil Service Examinations or State Civil Service Examinations. Besides these, there are courses in advertising, journalism, mass communication, media studies, business management, performing arts, travel and tourism and more. There are a lot of career options after 12th if you belong to the commerce stream. For instance, you can take up company secretary course, chartered accountancy, computer studies or even business management. When it comes to qualifying for chartered accountancy, you should be aware of the fact that every year only a marginal percentage of candidates qualify for these examinations. This is why a lot of students choose to do Bachelor’s of Commerce with a specialization in computers before going for CA degree. If you are a student from the science stream, there are actually hundreds of career options. You can do engineering in any streams such as mechanical, civil, metallurgy, computers, electronics, aeronautics, maritime and others. These are the options that require a combination of physics, chemistry and mathematics in class XII. For students aspiring to take up biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural or dairy science, medicine or dental studies, subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics are required in Class 12. One of the major advantages as to why students take up science is that they can switch to humanities or even commerce later on. Students after passing their 12th grade examinations can also take up vocational courses in the field of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, computers, hotel management, hospitality management or business administration. One of the principal courses in demand these days is the MBA course – Master’s of Business Administration. Further, outside the ambit of schools and colleges, enthusiastic students can take up courses in fashion technology, jewelry design, aviation, radio jockey, packaging or industrial design. It is important to get into the career of your choice to ensure that you enjoy work.

Courses any 12th pass student can opt for includes:

Hotel Management
Management studies ( BMS / BBA)
Web designing
Courses after 12th Science ( PCB):

Bio medical sciences
Medical Lab technician
Para medical
Life sciences
Courses after 12th Science ( PCM):

Nano technology
Computer sciences ( http://B.Sc IT, http://B.Sc Computer science, BCA)
Courses after 12th Commerce:

http://B.Com ( Accounts / Economics)
Self Financed courses ( BAF, BBI, BFM)
Professional courses like CA or CS ( If you select this option, then for graduation choose http://B.Comgeneral)
Management courses ( BMS / BBA)
Computer science ( If studied Math in 12th)
BCA ( If studied Math in 12th)
Mass-Media ( BMM)
Hotel management
Business Intelligence
Shift to ARTS stream if interested in subjects like Sociology, psychology etc
Courses after 12th ARTS:


Agriculture Extension in India
BA (Hons) English for Literature
Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC)
BSc (Hons) Chemistry in India
Careen as a Snow Expert
Career as a Child Counsellor
Career as a Nutritionist in India
Career as a Pilot
Career as a Sound Engineer
Career as Sports Coaches and Instructors
Career Courses after 12th
Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Career in Animation
Career in Apparel Management
Career in Architecture
Career in Armed Forces
Career in Biophysics
Career in Calibration and Testing
Career in Civil Engineering
Career in Cosmology
Career in Cyber Forensics
Career in Economics in India
Career in Environment Science
Career in Fashion Communication
Career in Human Rights
Career in Indian Army
Career in Industrial Design
Career in Instructional Design
Career in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
Career in Law
Career in Makeup Artist
Career in Master of Finance and Control (MFC)
Career in Modelling
Career in Music
Career in Music Industry in India
Career in Nuclear Medicine
Career in Optometry
Career in Packaging Industry
Career in Petroleum Engineering
Career in Pharmacology
Career in Pharmacy in India
Career in Politics in India
Career in Port Management
Career in Retail Management
Career in Robotics Engineering
Career in SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprenticeship)
Career in Software Engineering
Career in Sound Engineering
Career in Telecom Sector
Career in Waste Management
Career in Wildlife Photography
Career Options after B.Com
Career Options after Class 12th
Careers after B.Com
Careers as a Forensic Artist
Careers in Travel and Tourism
Careers in Advertising
Careers in Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering
Careers in Air Force (As Officer)
Careers in Airhostess/Pursers
Careers in Ayurveda
Careers in Bio-Technology
Careers in Biochemistry
Careers in Call Centres
Careers in Chartered Accountancy
Careers in Civil Engineering
Careers in Clinical Research
Careers in Commercial Pilot
Careers in Company Secretary
Careers in Counselling
Careers in Dairy
Careers in Dance
Careers in Dentistry
Careers in Electronic Engineering
Careers in Fashion Technology
Careers in Film Making
Careers in Fire Engineering
Careers in Forensic Science
Careers in Forestry Wildlife
Careers in Gemmology
Careers in Genetic Engineering
Careers in Hotel industry
Careers in ICWAI
Careers in Indian Army
Careers in Interior Designing
Careers in Journalism/Mass Communication
Careers in Law
Careers in Librarianship
Careers in Mechanical Engineering
Careers in Medical Lab Technology
Careers in Medical Transcription
Careers in Medicine
Careers in Merchant Navy
Careers in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
Careers in Music
Careers in Nanotechnology in India
Careers in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Careers in Nursing
Careers in Nursing in India
Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics
Careers in Occupational Therapy
Careers in Oceanography
Careers in Pharmacy
Careers in Photography
Careers in Physiotherapy
Careers in Psychiatry
Careers in Psychology
Careers in Public Relation
Careers in Spa Therapy and Wellness
Careers in Space Science
Careers in Statistics
Careers in Tea Management
Careers in Teaching
Careers in Veterinary Science
Careers in Video Jockey
Certificate Programme in Chinese Language and Culture
Difference Between Aeronautical, Aerospace and Avionics Engineering
Difference Between BSc (IT) and BE
Difference between NET and SLET
Difference Between Psychologist and a Psychiatrist
Extension Education
Food Technology Courses in India
Hospitality and Hotel Management in India
How to Become a Model in India
How to Become an Archaeologist
How to do Social Work in India?
How to Join NASA?
Industrial Mathematics Career
Investment Banking in India
Media Management Courses in India
Mutual Fund Agent
Robotic Engineering

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