Study in Australia

Study in Australia
·       Best courses to study in Australia-
1.    Business and Management
2.    Healthcare program
3.    Accounting
4.    Information Technology
5.    Hotel Management
6.    Vocational Education and Training (VET)

·       Cost –
Cost of studying in Australia is quiet high. This cost includes program fees as well living expenses. Australia is one of the expensive places to Study.

A bachelor’s degree can cost somewhere around INR 50,7836 ,vocational programs INR 25,3918,  Post graduate and PhD programs will cost almost INR 10,156,73 to INR 18,78,995 annually and living expense around INR 17,774 to INR 45,705 per week. This is just an estimate. The fee differs from course to course.

Important point
The Government of Australia has set financial requirements one must meet to get a student visa for Australia and the evidence of this income has to be attached with the Visa application. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection ensures that one is financial capable of studying in Australia. There are 2 limits-
1.    If a student is going alone to Australia then annual personal income should be INR 10, 07,039.
2.     And if a student is accompanied by his family then the annual personal income should be between INR 30, 47,019 to INR 35, 54,855.

Financial Help-
The government provides you financial aid if your age is 25 or above and if you are doing a full time course as an Australian resident.
1.    You get a maximum aid of INR 21,999.48 every fortnight if you are single or a couple with no children.
2.    But if you are couple with children then you can claim maximum of INR 24,157.79 every fortnight.
3.    And if you are single with the responsibility of children then you can get maximum of INR 28,824.80
NOTE- To access the above mentioned one has to wait for 104 weeks or 2 years.

·       Merits of studying in Australia-
1.    Australia is ranked 3rd after US and UK in terms of abroad study destination.
2.    Australia has very good education system as well as it also promotes overall personality development with very good career opportunities.
3.    There are 8 Australian Universities which are included in top 100 universities of the world namely

·       Australian National University
·       The University of Melbourne
·       The University of New South Wales
·       The University of Queensland
·       The University of Sydney
·       Monash University
·       University of Western Australia
·       University of Adelaide
4.    Universities offer wide variety of courses and degrees. Approximately 1100 institutions offer 22000 courses.

5.     Also in Australia, students are permitted to work while studying which is again a merit point because living expenses are quiet high in Australia.

With student visa, one can work 40 hours per fortnight during studies and 40 hours per week during vacations.

6.    Government as well as Universities in Australia provides Scholarships for studying. For example AAS (Australia Awards Scholarship) is a Government funded scholarship for Bachelor’s, master's and Ph.D.

Likewise there are some university specific scholarships likeMelbourne Research Scholarships offered by the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney International scholarships for undergraduate programs and more.
·       Student Visa

Following documents are required for applying a student visa for Australia-

1.    Confirmation of Enrolment or Letter of Offer issued by the education provider which student has chosen to study with.
2.    Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is a statement which student has to submit showing his intensions of moving to Australia is Temporary for study purpose and in case if someone is accompanied by the student as a guardian or dependent than his/her stay will also  be temporary .

This document will then be verified by case officer.

3.    Financial Requirements
4.    English Proficiency Requirements- different universities have different requirement
5.    Australian Health Requirements- a student has to undergo with a medical heath check which depends on number of factors like type of visa one is applying for, stay period in Australia, presence of significant medical conditions etc.
6.    Australian Character Requirements- one has to provide a police certificate for each country one have lived in for 12 months or more, over the last 10 years(calculated immediately before the time visa application is filed, since turning 16 years of age.
7.    Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)-  it is a special health insurance scheme designed for international students for covering any potential medical or hospital expenses that one may incur during his/her stay in Australia and it also cover some amount of pharmaceuticals and ambulance services.

One has to be insured under this scheme for the period he/she is staying in Australia and has to submit this policy or applying student visa.

8.    Cost of annual living amounts

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