How do we consistently keep our team members to go-like 'hey man i love my work, hands-down I trust my leader and I'm all set to rock today'!? The only practical way to get anybody to ponder this way is through the path of motivation.
"Motivation" is derived from the word 'Motive' which means needs, desires, or wants among humans. It is best described as a driving force that affects the choice of alternatives in the behavior of a person. Employee motivation is an indispensable characteristic at the workplace which aids corporates to survive in a profitable way in today's highly challenging and competitive global market economy, through stimulating, improving and inducing their employees eventually resulting in a goal-oriented behavior on their side. The core assumption is that when employees enjoy what they do, they process information flexibly, experience positivity, and feel the urge to undertake risks and persist in efforts to develop and refine ideas! Woah that sounds amazing !
Moving further into the core of our topic, let's catch up on the two primary theories of motivation used often by employers: extrinsic motivation and the other one being the intrinsic motivation: Extrinsic motivations are factors which compel an employee to act towards the accomplishment of a work task or goal moreover, they are usually punishments or rewards. When punishment motivates an employee to act in order to avoid the punishment, rewards motivate him to act in order to receive the reward, Whereas intrinsic motivation comes from within. Anyone is intrinsically motivated to grind when the work itself motivates us! The key to inspiring maximum performance from one's team is to use such a process that creates intrinsic motivation and benefits not just the company but the employees too.
 Keeping our focus intact, let's consider possible methods of motivation:
· EMPOWERMENT: Providing employees with more responsibility and decision-making power flourishes their domain of control over the tasks for which they are held responsible, hence energy is diverted from self-preservation to improved task fulfillment. Well that's the ultimate dream!

·  LEARNING: Companies can motivate employees to attain more by committing to the enduring enhancement of employee skills. Accreditation and licensing programs for employees  are an effective way to bring about growth in employee knowledge which becomes an advantageous event for the employee and employer when applied to the task to be accomplished.

· CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: Not so frequently do employees with creative ideas get to express what they have in mind to the management for the fear of not getting the desired consideration. Company approval has become so deep-rooted in some working environments that both the employee and the organization suffer. The power to create motivates employees and benefits the organization in having a more versatile workforce, using the experience of its employees more sensibly, and increasing the exchange of ideas and information among employees and departments.

· MONETARY INCENTIVE: Well money occupies a prominent place in the mix of motivators. Going dutch on company's profits gives incentive to employees to produce a quality product, perform quality service, or improve the quality of a process within the areas of their work.

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-By Anjali
(Content Writer)

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