Anusha Aditya

Ratika Agrawal
Anusha Aditya hails from the small town of Korba in Chattisgarh. She always had dreams in her eyes, and with her sheer determination and hard work, she gave her dreams wings to fly. Having studied at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology,Bhubaneswar, she believes in bringing about change in the world by making practical use of what she was taught in school. She is single-handedly heading multiple businesses and is a true example of what it means to be a boss lady.
Anusha had a tough childhood, but that only furthered her urge to succeed. She faced a lot of emotional trauma, but she remained strong. She was bent on proving that even small-town girls can make it big on their own and that they are no less than the city folks. Anusha has done M.Tech in Biotechnology and a certificate course in Intellectual Property Rights.  

Today, Anusha is taking the Entrepreneurship world by storm. She is a CEO in two start-ups, including her own company and Sanskar Education Consultancy in her hometown Korba(Chattisgarh). She is also passionate about working with Non-Governmental Organisations for the upliftment of poor children and women. She contributes to them in a big way. She is going to mentor the students of Pndt.Ravishankar University ,Raipur (School of Biotech students) for skill
development which is required for the development of bio_enterprenureshipthe via her alma matr KIIT school of Biotechnology which is working vigorously for the development of BIotechnology across India by the name of KIIT-TBI a govt funded institution in association with BIRAC  mentored by DR.Mritunjay Suar many times president awardee & most dynamic faculty of KIIT as she believes in giving back what she has is learning from being an entrepreneur.

Anusha does confess that it has not been easy. She often stays up all night planning and executing things, deciding what to do next and doing her research. Her family and friends have supported her throughout her journey, and that is why it is possible to multitask so easily for her today. Anusha believes that every person you meet can bring with them a new opportunity, you have to know how to communicate with them. She believes that the goodwill of the company and your interpersonal skills are everything if you want your business to be successful.

Anusha believes success comes to those who are really working for it, come what may. She also believes in the power of social media and has made her presence felt on all social media platforms, be it Facebook, Linked In, or Instagram. She not only saves but also invests her wealth for better returns.

In her free time, she likes to watch cartoons and spend time with kids. She is a die-hard fan of Oprah Winfrey and regularly follows her quotes and interviews. 

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