Ravinder Kaur Arora

Meet a very Young and Dynamic Successful Women  Entrepreneurs of India Ravinder Kaur Arora. Ravinder is a Single parent of 2. Ravinder is from a humble class Sikh Family where gender biasness is normal. She has  been raised with a lot of restrictions & biases. She got married at an early age of 18. She got married in the same year when she took admission in graduation. Ravinder completed her studies by keeping moving from in-laws house to parents home & She bourn 2 kids in between her graduation. Her married life had always been into trouble. In those three years of graduation, She had been sent back multiple times to bring dowry & in the third year of graduation, her husband absconded at midnight, leaving everyone perplexed.  
She  was sent back again, but this time it was permanent as her husband did not turn back. To raise the kids, & not to be a burden on parents, She started working as a Finance Executive in Sai Associates. Later She  joined Fitness Industry & in between to better her condition, She filed a divorce case. Her parents thrashed her for this decision & stopped supporting her, but She  kept on fighting on her own. A month before the final verdict, he re-appeared & under the family pressure, She  chose to go back with him. But the situation did not change this time too. Once again, She was sent back so She started doing job to raise her family as her husband again got into the so called ‘Monetary Crunch’, but this time she took a rented accommodation. Her husband did not join & later he got missing again. So, this on off thing kept happening with her & She could not take any constructive decision. She did my M.A & MBA in between this struggle of personal life.
Her husband re-appeared & this time, he started behaving in a different way, like She  tolerated domestic violence, physical & verbal abuse. Everyone has a saturation point, and when came mine, She decided to leave him. This time, She did not want to be an emotional fool, so She had to take some strong step hence She took. Her own  family did not support like always as they thought it would be an additional burden on them but She was confirmed so  She took the decision without looking the consequences she may have. God has always been nice to her so she was composed at that time. The phase was not easy but time heals or you heal yourself. Whatever was the thing, she managed to live by her own.  
In 2016,  She joined an MNC, which completely changed her life. She got financially stable & that’s how She could made her  son do Mechanical Engineering from Chandigarh & Daughter is now preparing for Medical. Life is at ease. She is  living separately & She is  enjoying every bit of her life.
During this entire journey of life, She  has  always been super positive. Her perseverance, proficiency, & positivity never got shaken or reduced, rather she is  getting stronger & stronger. People compliment her for being exuberant. She  has bagged many accolades, appreciations for her professional contributions.
She do not talk on her  personal life to anyone as she feel you start getting weak & become emotionally dependent on others which people may misuse or can play with your emotions. Since Ravinder is a spiritual person &  She had seen everyone so She knows that You’re the Driver of your own Life, none can take charge of you. So, love yourself, you’re here for a purpose, never make comparisons, be flexible, available & approachable, keep trying, you would see that something is growing inside you & that something is ‘YOU’. Positivity is the key and to maintain it keep reviving by listening good, doing good, talking good & participating in selfless events. Gratitude & Sensitivity is the key. If someone throws bad on you, never throwback rather Forgive & Forget as holding grudges depletes positive energy & your efforts get lessen cause of stress. So, keep least expectations so that you may not get hurt or get stressed.
She  don’t know how these many years have passed & She could do so much. She always Thanks to every situation, everyone who made her learn something or the other & helped her to be who She is  today.

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  1. aap ki story padhane ke bad hame ye laga ki. galti aapke husband ki hi nahi isame
    kuchh galti aap ki bhi hogi kyonki tali dono hath se bajati hai. ek hath se nahi.